Emergency diaper

This is what you do if your baby has a dirty diaper RIGHT before you want to give her a bath, and you don’t want to take the chance that she’ll wet everything in sight. It’s a burp cloth. I’ve heard of people using regular old flour sack towels from Tar-jay, old receiving blankets, or tshirts and doing the same thing when they needed some extra diaper inserts on the cheap. Obviously, this was meant as a VERY temporary fix and she wiggled loose from it quickly. It was a good giggle, though. The blue thing is called a ‘snappi’, used in the place of pins and it has sharp plastic teeth on each of 3 ends to grip.

Yes we do use cloth diapers, and I could have put one on her, but you wouldn’t get an entertaining picture with baby chub, now would you? You’re welcome!

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