Strange dreams, stinky diapers, and leaving on a jet plane

Dude, cabbage patch and other dolls should not ‘come to life’ and con your 3 year old into things. Creepy!!!!

Ham and beans are yummy. Babies who nurse after mommy eats ham and beans? Are stinky!

Matt is going to Vegas next week. At least it’s only for 2 full days, but jeez. Vegas. I asked him if he was going to go pull a slot machine for fun. He said he might.

It’s on my bucket list. I made one before there was such a thing.

Then again, I’d be happy pulling one on a local riverboat, so.. you know. We’ll see.

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  1. When my daughter was 4 weeks old, my husband took a business trip to Vegas. I was NOT a happy wife – especially when he called me up late one night, slightly drunk telling me – “You wouldn’t believe this place. there are PROSTITUTES everywhere.” He was very sorry for saying that when he got home – VERY sorry. LOL (and yes – he and his co-workers were propositioned in the hotel/casino bar. and no – of course they did not partake of her services!)

    And I’m sorry I’m telling you this – I should wait until AFTER Matt gets back.

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