So far beyond angry

Keeley didn’t nap yesterday. She still only slept 11.5 hours. Then she decided to get her clothes out. I hear her yelling ‘daddy i have to pee’…


yeah, all over the damn floor, and he’s saying, just GO! and of course that means wet footprints all the way across the floor upstairs.

I’m sure this is just a normal kid thing, but I’ve been telling her for months she needs to just get up and go pee instead of coming downstairs, and waiting until sometimes 10 am until I force her to go. I mean, who should REALLY hold pee that long? I tell her ‘you’re going to give yourself ouchies, it’s bad for you’ and ON AND ON AND ON.

Someone, somewhere, REALLY hates me. That’s the only thing I can figure out. Every day is worse and worse with her.


  1. And that is why I hate potty training. My older kids still have accidents on occasion – (my 8 year old just over christmas break – she was so busy playing she held it and held it until it started leaking out). It never ends.

  2. How about an alarm clock or timer? Put it on the front of the fridge (the tiny ones are magnetic) and set it.
    Get her a bigger one for upstairs?

    Now obviously you don’t want to set an alarm clock so she will be up before you…. or DO you?

    Pee wipes up. She loves you.

  3. Valerie

    It’s normal. Amarah still waits until the very last second to go or until she’s already piddled a little. She has this thing where she will come tell me that she really needs to go potty and I repeatedly yell (scratch that) tell her to just go. Aren’t they so much fun at this age? 😉

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