1. You can’t make everyone happy all the time. That includes you, your kids, anyone. And you SHOULD give yourself a break. You have two small children – and the older one was challenging before the younger was even a twinkle. Keeley will find her own path. Right now she pushes trying to figure some things out for herself. That doesn’t make it any easier, but it’s true. And spending all your time obsessing over the state of your house is a waste of time. Take it from me – someone who goes little nuts sometimes with the house stuff. That only works if you live alone or with people of a similar mind. THEN you can have your house the way you want it. I’ve had to learn how to adjust my expectations. It wasn’t easy, but I’m happier now that I don’t go crazy over the state of things.

  2. Regina

    I know I am one of the 5 probably – but your post made me laugh. Especially the first point… N has that, too… and he’s going on 7! Did you ever watch “American Pie” and the one character who always said “one time, at band camp…” when she started a story… that’s N!!! I was hoping they grow out of it – I doubt it though! You are NOT alone!!! 🙂

  3. I don’t get tons of comments either. Maybe I’m too boring?

    OMG who would want to go back to high school? I know I wouldn’t! Who wants to live with their parents again? I left 3 months after graduation and never looked back. Plus, I dated a guy on and off for 2 years who could never decide if he wanted to be my boyfriend. So I dumped him and started dating the man I’m not married to. The d-bag ex decided he wanted to be w/ me AFTER I got a new guy. Of course. I wouldn’t want to deal with all of that crap again.

  4. I don’t get many comments either. I do read your blog and sometimes I don’t comment just because I’m not in the commenting mood. It has nothing to do with the content, really.

    Threes are hard. Super, super hard. My 3-year-old is grouchy a lot of the time, but it really makes the sweet times that much better. I hear that it does get better! So hang in there!

    And…who would think a boy was wearing all pink? Come on people 🙂

  5. Well, I’m not a new commenter, but this post made me smile too! I would never, ever go back to high school – unless I could go as me now (in that body)! lol

  6. What? You are trying to make your 3 year old happy? Right now, my son is going through a HORRIBLE whining phase – he cries and whines about everything. It is driving me completely insane. (also – he has started going through a “I’m scared” phase….he can’t go to any other room by himself. Someone has to be with him – which is ridiculous. I am waiting for it to be over.)

    Sometimes I think I’d like to go back to High School (knowing what I know now) – just so I can do things differently. But then again – it probably made me who I am today and if I were any different, I might now like that other life.

    and yeah – I get a whopping 4 comments per post now. I’m okay with it. It’s too hard keeping up with more.

  7. I haven’t commented anywhere much lately – though I’m guessing I’m not a regular you had in mind because my comments are fairly infrequent.

    There’s a song I love (by Carrie Newcomer) with a line, “You couldn’t pay me enough to go back to 13.” So.True.

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