1. I like B19 on the blossom or zinnia. And B13 or B24 for the Moonbeam and Twilight. B56 would be nice on Zinnia too. I like black on the clementine (or on Ribbit too- Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Anyone??) B22 for Grasshopper would work. And lastly I also like B3 for Clementine, Zinnia, Moonbeam and Ribbit.

  2. What about just doing white on all of them? If they’re bumGenius, you could just do the snap color that matches the diaper. I have one aplix diaper. I love how strong the aplix is, but I agree that it looks worn after a few washes. I’m trying to decide if I feel like converting it. I have the stuff to do it, I’m just a bit busy. 😛

  3. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    If you are that concerned about trying to match but being unable to (I would think matching would be hard when you are choosing from a picture online……colors aren’t always represented accurately in a picture anyway), I would do contrasting colors. For the blue, I understand your concern about putting pink snaps on (though they would be adorable – what would be the cost to have the snaps changed if you DO have a boy?), so try yellow, red or orange (Go Bears! And Illini!). For green, I would do a bright pink or purple, but if you don’t want to go that direction, do yellow, red, or orange again. For pink, try green, yellow, or blue. For yellow, try purple (just to represent, you know!) or red. For white, try purple or pink (or whatever you want, there just doesn’t seem like you will have many of these colors if you do contrasting). I know you frequently leave the kids pantsless while wearing diapers, so is there a favorite shirt you like with a certain diaper? Pull the contrasting color you want to use on the diaper out of that shirt.

    I think contrasting would be adorable, but if you really want them to match the best they can, contact the lady doing the conversion and ask if she would be willing to match them for you. Just tell her you can’t really tell without having the snaps in your possession. Or if you tell her the brand, can she recommend which color is better?

  4. Okay – I’m going to be the “naysayer” and say – does it really matter? No one can see the diapers anyway because they are usually under the clothing. With everything else you have to worry about – why stress out about mismatched snaps?

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