CD Questions, Final Answers

  1.  i’ve slowly started to cd but my question is- what diapers are good to use at night? i’m hesitant to cd at night because of leaks. Do what is right for your family. You could try to use a pocket with 2 inserts, microfiber on top, and hemp beneath. You could change more often, or use more absorbency/layers than during the daytime. You could also get/put down a changing mat or waterproof pad underneath and not worry about it too much.
  2.  My question is, Can you ever have enough diapers? I have over 100. And TTC soon. So I am looking for the cheapest diapers and free is great. Ever have enough? Maybe. Too many? Nah!
  3.  My main question about cloth diapering is what to do for a newborn? I’ve wondered if it’s hard to get meconium staining out of diapers, and also if it’s cost effective to buy a small stash that will only be used for maybe a month. Staining eventually wash/sun out, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I did a cost/benefit analysis and for us, using a prefold/snappi combo was definitely worth the money! Sometimes, our little one would poo through FOUR diapers at a time. Wipe, fold, snappi and… plllbt. Disposables would be $1/4 changes roughly. That pays for one prefold. In about 8 days, you pay for the prefolds themselves–24 of them. Depending on what you buy, you would likely ‘pay’ for them in the newborn stage. If not, sell or reuse for another child and you’ve made your money back! Go with the standard infant prefold 8-15 lbs for the best bang for your buck!
  4.  What recommendations would you give to someone who has to use coin operated washing machines and dryers? So basically, you need to spend as little as possible, therefore I suggest, hard wearing, easy drying inserts and covers that can air dry. Example: Flats and PUL covers! You could even wash the covers at home. Check out THIS for info on a cheap way to wash at home! Something like 400 families took this challenge. Some of them even made the switch to flats permanently. If it’s not clear, you could equate a flat to a receiving blanket. Very thin, therefore, easy and fast to dry! You might consider wool covers, too, because they only need washed once in a great while, or when they get soiled, and you do it by hand.
  5.  My question is how do you battle the yeast monster once it has reared its ugly head?? I’m sorry, I don’t have a solution of my own for this. Try here!
  6.  My question is about stain removal. We can’t put our diapers outside to sun at our apartment, and we don’t have many windows that get much light. Are there any other options for stain removal besides sunning? You could try lemon juice or bleach on inserts (sparingly), basically, umm, why does it matter? Unless it’s an OUTER stain, no one is going to see it but you. I’ve heard that you can sun in your car dash, too, if you’re brave!
  7.  I don’t really have a question, as I LOVE cloth diapers and have researched them extensively, but the most often question I see is “How do I wash these diapers to make them NOT stinky!??” Hard water? Bleach 1/month,etc. (check other editions for a full answer, this was a popular question!)
  8.  My question would be, what’s the best wash routine for someone who has to use a shared laundry mat? See question 4, but I would try and make the diapers as simple as possible to make it easy on yourself. Otherwise, wash as you would at home.

  9.  I don’t really have a question other thsn maybe What is the best way to encourage other moms to CD ? Blog, share on facebook, take your dipes out in public, talk about in everyday conversation!
  10. I’ve been cloth diapering for more than 4 years now, so I feel pretty comfortable but I can never seem to get my AIO diapers with an organic cotton inner to feel soft unless I put them in the dryer. I know that drying the diapers in the machine wears them out faster but when I hang them to dry they are super crunchy and I just can’t put them on my baby. Is there a way to do this? Just put them in the dryer for a few minutes after you hang them out. Perhaps with some dryer balls!

  11.  How can you convert others to cloth? I just can’t seem to convince anyone to even give it a try even after explaining all of this to them. The truth is, all you can do is share what you know. I don’t have much luck, either, sometimes, people are just set in their ways, don’t want to, or can’t get over the ick factor.
  12.  Do different brand of cloth diapers (all cotton) actually stain differently? I would say that most likely, each diaper will stain according to the type of fabric it is, and what the stain that goes into it is, along with how soon it is washed, if it is sprayed off ahead of time, and how many washes it goes through after it stains. Without any other particulars, that’s all I can give you.

Thanks so much for all of your questions, if you can’t find the answer to what you want here, feel free to ask me or just ask google!

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