CD Questions Answered, Part 3

  1.  My main question would be what are the most absorbent inserts for Fuzibunz? The most absorbent inserts are the ones of natural fiber (like hemp). For a fast/absorbent combo, go with 1 microfiber on top, and layer a hemp insert underneath. Works well for night!
  2. I am pretty much cloth diapering full time now. I can’t get rid of the smell. I soak. I wash and rinse multiple times. I have used three of the well known cloth-diaper deteregents. What else can I do??? Try using a mass market detergent. OR check your water. Is it hard? This can be done by calling your water department. Also, you could bleach the inserts only once a month with 1/4 cup of bleach. We had horrible stinkies due to hard water. No ‘well known’ detergents worked. We switched to liquid ‘free’ tide. We now have a softener system and still use it.
  3.  I new to cloth diapering, my question is how do I prep all my new diapers, can I wash all different brands together? Each manufacturer has different specs, as well as the different fabrics, usually this is right on the packaging, or you can check the website, however, in general, hemp should be washed separately, and also cotton like prefolds should not be washed with say a pocket diaper with aplix, because it sheds a LOT of fiber while fluffing, and it could cram itself into the aplix tabs. Generally microfiber/pockets/covers only require one short wash, and then do the others separately.
  4.  I began cloth diapering my first son when he was 1 and now am diapering my newborn. Are there diapers that aren’t so bulky for the newborn? I feel like the cloth makes it hard for him to move. For the most part, a newborn doesn’t move much anyway! However, an AIO or sized diaper of any style is probably the trimmest option.
  5.  I am out of ideas for how to keep my little man rash free overnight. He sleeps so long he wakes up with a rah from his wet dipe. Are you using diapers with suedecloth in them or another stay dry layer? You could also get some liners to try and draw the wetness away if you’re using something like a fitted or prefold. You could also change diapers when you go to bed and if you wake throughout the night.
  6.  I’d like to know what the best routine for washing diapers is. For us it is: cold wash w/ det on super regular, hot wash w/det on normal/regular and a 2nd rinse. Set water level appropriate for the amount of diapers in the wash. You can also just try a cold rinse first, it’s up to you!
  7.  We have been cloth diapering for a little over a year. My biggest problem is ammonia odors, so my question would be what to do (besides a good soak) to get rid of that. Is your water hard? Check the other posts for complete answers, but basically, if it’s not, then you need to either do a super wash or wash with bleach once a month.
  8.  One question i have about cloth diapering is what is best with newborns while they still have the umbilical cord stub… i didn’t start CDing with my first til 4 months and now #2 will be here soon and i have no idea. I just had a baby and some diapers went over, and some went under the stub. It’s dead tissue, so it doesn’t matter, unless it somehow gets infected (as in, it gets poop or pee on it, and you don’t clean it at ALL or something)– then you need to contact your doctor.

  9. What’s the best detergent to use? Try some samples, but we use Tide free in the liquid form. It’s recommended by some CD manufacturers, and not by others, but it seems to do the best job for us. Other ‘CD detergents’ basically did nothing at all for us, especially when our water was hard. Just be sure to do a double rinse!

  10.  My question is on the amount of diapers you need.i have 3 boys. i fully in diapers. he is not yet 1 year. then i have 2 in night time diapers. i try to use only cloth for all of them but 2-3 times a week i run out. do i need more. if feel like i already spent so much money…. how will i still be able to save money vs. disposables? I answered her question here.

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