CD Questions Answered, Part 2

  1.  I love cloth diapering but always have trouble with Aplix closures. How do I keep them from wearing down? I think about the only things you can do are be sure that #1, you have your laundry tabs down, #2 you can avoid a dryer and line dry, or #3 cheat and use snaps with an aplix ‘helper’. go green diapers has these, and I’m seriously considering getting a few. they snap off and on for washing, but make your snap diapers into ‘velcro’ temporarily. Since it snaps off, it won’t get tangled in the wash, which helps. Other than that? Plan on replacing the velcro once a year, or when it starts to wear. Using a large amount of diapers also helps, but only so much.
  2.  how do i know what brand/type to start with! You start by checking into the different TYPES of diapers (prefolds and flats, fitteds, pockets or AIOs/AI2’s snap in ones, etc) and then check a reliable website for brands, and check diaperpin for reviews. You could also do a rental and only keep what you like! Babies are all different, and they change over the course of diapering years, so what works as a newborn may not work well for a toddler. This is why I have over 100 diapers! Lol.
  3.  is there any rash cream you suggest that is safe on cloth? There are some marketed for cloth, but I haven’t tried them. To be honest, frequent changes or going coverless is probably a better option. You can use a square of fleece to protect the diapers, but they must be washed separately to avoid transfer.
  4.  My question is, I know snaps are more durable, but are they finicky for “man fingers”, or do most guys get used to them? Everyone will eventually get used to them, but if it is a real issue, you might consider just using aplix/velcro or going with what I suggested in #1. here’s a link. They come in a 3 pack, so you could set dad up in the morning with 3 and have him take them off/let you know when you get to the 3rd and switch them out to the next diaper!
  5.   I am still pretty new to cloth and have 2 super sensitive girls Im using them on and was wondering what is the best way to go about washing them and whats the best detergent for the super sensitive. In fact I have also been trying to find the best rash cream too any suggestions? My newest seems to not enjoy being wet at all, but I’m not sure that’s the same as sensitive. You can try diaperpin for suggestions. I rarely use rash cream, and prefer to ‘air it out’. Your best bet is to probably use some samples of detergent for a while and see how they react. With any detergent, be sure to do a 2nd rinse.
  6.  One of my questions regarding cloth diapers is how long can a diaper sit dirty b4 washing? The real question is, how often can you wash diapers? I’ve heard that about 3 days is the limit, although you could probably stretch to 4 as long as you rinse the diaper with a sprayer and be prepared to strip every now and then. The best thing to do would be just plan to wash every 2-3 days, and get someone to help you if there’s a time you can’t do it yourself.
  7.  I’ve been using disposable diapers the last day and a half due to a nasty diaper rash and not having any cd safe rash cream. But, I have been using our cloth wipes. I’ve got a few dirty diapers that need washing today and am trying to decide if its safe to wash the wipes with the diapers since the wipes have rash cream on them. what would you do? I would wash them separately.

  8.  I am replacing my microfiber inserts with hemp, until I have all hemp can I was the two together? Can I was the hemp with my pocket diapers?  Hemp needs to be prepped until the oils are washed out (check with manufacturer instructions), but then, you’re all clear to wash it all together!
  9.  How do I get my microfiber inserts to stop stinking? You need to find out what your problem is. Are you using too little detergent? Too much? Is it hard water? Call your water dept. and ask for the most recent hardness rating. They have to do it weekly, so it should give you that answer easily. Since most CD moms use very little detergent, it might behoove you to use a little more and see how that works. Finally, you could run JUST the inserts with 1/4 cup of bleach and rinse until you can’t smell the bleach anymore. Do it once a month or add extra hot washes to your routine when you start to smell that funk, if you don’t want to use bleach.
  10.  I have a 4 month old boy and we have been cloth diapering for about 2-3 months now. We are still using disposable wipes, but will be transitioning over to cloth wipes soon. If I go the cheap route and buy the washclothes that come like 6 in a pack for a few bucks at Wal-Mart/Target, can I wash the washcloths/wipes together with my diapers??!! YES! That’s the great thing about cloth wipes. DO IT! You won’t regret it! Try it out with your own washcloths a few times and see how you feel about it! Dollar stores sell them, too!

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