1. We only have one baby but I feel as though the hubs and I never have time alone together. When he gets home from work I hand him the baby, cook dinner, and do some cleaning around the house. At 7 I start bedtime and hubs goes to bed by 8. Tonight we actually sat on the couch snuggled together for the first time since before g was born. As happy as it made me, it made me sad to realize it’d been that long.

  2. They DO grow up. And the foundation you built between you before you had children is what gets you through the time they spend growing. When you do get time to just be a couple again, you’ll find that what you built is still there. And that you can build more on top of it.

    I promise. You will look back on this time fondly, sometimes be melancholy that it was over so soon, and watch your babies become adults and go off into the world without you.

    Just taking the time for a long hug, an ‘I love you’, or a laugh over baby barf or poop really does make a difference.

    I promise. I do.

  3. You’d be amazed at the things they will remember about their childhoods. They may not always be conscious of it when they grow up, but odd little memories will pop out at the most interesting times. Christmas memories and family traditions are always close this time of year, but when I was thinking about going to visit an older friend for tea, I suddenly remembered the “teas” my mom made for us when we were kids. It was a little tea and mostly milk with sugar, but she made our tea special by adding a drop or two of food coloring so that we’d have green tea or red tea or blue tea (somehow, yellow tea didn’t quite work as it was usually that color anyway). Not something I think of or even remember all the time, but it popped into my head this morning. It happens a lot and I realize just how much my mom did to make our days special when we were little. Yours will remember the funny snacks and the dinner faces – I’d be willing to put money on it!

  4. It gets batter – as they get a little older and don’t require your attention 24/7.

    As much crap as SAHM’s get I’m still glad I stayed home – there are days when I can’t imagine how anything would get done if I had to work out of the house. There would never be any fun to be had – just me coming home, cooking and cleaning and putting kids to bed. At least during the day, I do get those 5-10 minutes here and there to play with my kids. – to just “be” there for them. I hope it makes a difference in what type of adults they turn into.

    And my husband and I get 6 dates a year – when we have a play (season tickets). We have to drive to Portland and spend the night at Grandma’s house. But, at least it is a couple hours for us to hang.

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