We’re on the mend, Christmas edition 2011

After a week of sickness, I think we are all on the mend. Brennan seemed to take my illness in stride, I noticed a real dip in milk production for a day or two, but it’s back up! We had a nice Christmas morning, Keeley was happy with all her presents, played with just about everything and is happy enough. Brennan waited patiently through our opening and breakfast before whining. Considerate, seeing as how she got me up TWICE to eat, and then Keeley was up right after the 2nd time. I gave up and got cleaned up, and that’s when she finally came downstairs. She had completely forgotten, I sent Matt up with a star sticker for the star on top of the advent calendar I printed out. She was jumping up and down, excited that it was Christmas. That was a nice way to count down, no food involved and it’s recyclable. This is the one we printed and it worked really well. Keeley loves stickers and was thrilled to have an excuse to go wild with them.



  1. Glad everyone recovered in time – and hope Matt gets to enjoy some time off these holiday weekends (?) – the countdowns are great – but now Nathan wants to start counting down for 2012!!!!!! 😉

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