Have you missed me part 2

…they should be better by midmorning. Did I mention it’s now seven pm and they are STILL not better. OMG. I took care of TWO kids, including nursing one (admittedly Keeley watched tv a lot), and I was okay by midmorning and here it is, about 10 hours later, and they are STILL sick. This SUCKS. Plus my washing machine is acting up. It’s not spinning right. BRAND NEW MACHINE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Everyone else thinks it’s a big joke at my expense, but I sure as heck don’t. NO FAIR.

I’m at my breaking point. Anyone would be. Despite being sick, Keeley is as bullheaded as ever. Whining about being hungry. I’m sorry kid, but all you do is yarf it right back up. Why bother? I know, I know. SHE IS THREE. But it doesn’t make it any better. Makes it worse, really. She doesn’t just ‘get’ that if she rests and sleeps and chills out that she will get better quicker than hurting her stomach with food it’s not ready for.

They better get better soon. and I BETTER not get this god awful thing again. Considering how much lysol wipes (terrible waste but necessary it seems)– I’ve been using, it really SHOULD stay away from me.

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  1. Well, I’m not laughing. SOOOO Sorry, hope it goes away NOW.

    You know, I always heard about ‘the terrible twos’ but the age of three to four was the absolute worst for both my kids. Two was a breeze. I don’t know if that will make you feel better or worse right now. But it IS true.

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