Life requires a break sometimes

That’s what I’m doing. Reading. Catching up on a load of laundry and dishes daily. Taking it easy. Watching TV with my husband at night. Finding other recreational things to do. Feeding everyone is a full time job. Keeley wants to eat about every 15 minutes. Me too. Brennan is going about every 2 hours without eating, but is requiring a lot more ‘face time’ than before. Policing Keeley to make sure she doesn’t hurt Brennan when she tries to hug her. Church stuff. Family stuff. Christmas stuff. Headaches because of the weather keep me off of the computer for days at a time.

If you’re in the market for an adorable Christmas card from us (that will likely arrive right at Christmas or shortly after), please send me an email (link in the upper right sidebar) with your address. I promise that I have no inclination to stalk you. I ended up with 2 promotions from shutterfly. One was for blogging, which gave me 25 free cards. Another was for applying for a shutterfly ‘house party’ from houseparty¬† .¬† com. If you’ve never looked at the site, you should. Anyway, I didn’t win one of the parties, but I got a code for 10 free cards. Also, for forwarding the information about 10 free cards to five people, I got free shipping. So I got 35 custom cards for nothing. Absolutely free. Awesome, I tell you! I used them last year (paid shipping) and everyone adored the cards, as I mentioned before. So if you would love to get a card from us, email! Mmmk?

Back to the break!


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