Christmas Cookies

Last year, when I had only one child, who took a nice long afternoon nap, I made ‘8 weeks of cookies’. Obviously that is not going to happen. My grand scheme was to make 8 different kinds of cookies. I think 3 or 4 of those weeks ended up being chocolate chip. They are a crowd-pleaser. How many different kinds of cookies or treats do you make during the holidays? Before kids, my treat table looked something like this:

We DID share this with other people!

That’s 2 containers of puppy chow, 2 containers of chex mix, choc dipped pretzels, a solid choc. tin soldier, dipped oreos, and choc. candy molds, plus pb blossoms and 2 kinds of fudge. I’m not entirely sure if I was working at this time or not. I certainly did have more time on my hands, when I could spend a whole day just making treat after treat with basically no interruption. Oftentimes I made them in a rush at Christmas time after I was done working for the ‘year’. That didn’t always leave a lot of time, and I was almost always in a bad mood trying to hurry and get them done. I think this year we’ll just take it how it comes. Probably with a lot of chocolate chip cookies thrown in. We’ve already made fudge this year and it is completely wiped out. Last year I burnt half of the white chocolate dipping stuff because I think maybe Keeley needed something and I forgot about it. Whoops.

So what treats do you make ALWAYS, what do you miss that other people used to make or put out at Holiday time? My grandma always put out m and m’s in a dish. I kind of miss that. Chime in. While you’re at it, look up the song ‘Christmas Cookies’ by George Strait and tell me if you get a giggle out of it. Matt always wants to hear that song this time of year.


  1. I always do a bunch of baking and give them to family when we go and visit. I stock up on Christmas food storage containers after Christmas. I always do chocolate crinkle cookies, fudge, and chocolate covered pretzels. In the past I’ve always done oreo truffles, but this year I want to do brownie bites instead. I may do some cut-out sugar cookies as well so that it’s not ALL chocolate.

  2. Oh man – you’ve just reminded me I’d better get busy baking.

    I’ve never made that many cookies ever – even before kids. You are industries.

  3. I love baking a variety of stuff and dropping it off at friends. My dad always made divinity, which I should try making. I like making caramel and chocolate covered pretzel sticks, fudge, and I’d like to try cordial cherries again. Honestly, I think sugar cookies are a big, messy pain. My mom will make those with the kids. :0)

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