Fun Monday: Doing it Holiday Style

Sayre hostesses our monthly fun Monday and she says this regarding the holidays: I’d like to hear what it is you celebrate, how you do it and a favorite memory.  Pictures are a plus!!!!

We celebrate Christmas. I love going to church on Christmas eve. Something special I did when Keeley was just a newborn and every year since is to read ‘the Christmas story’ out of the bible and also to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ on Christmas eve as well. We always put up a tree, we have a little red sleigh that we fill with candy (my parents had a ‘santa clause-esque’ boot and I just HAD to buy something to fill with candy as if by magic), hang stockings above our Harry Potter suite (cupboard under the stairs), and make lots of cookies. We’ll trade presents with my side of the family (kids and parents, not siblings). We have lights for the outside if Matt can get to them, but have never done that before. We put up the felt NOEL sign my mom made for us, and we gather under the mistletoe a little more frequently this time of year. It IS up all year ’round though! Oh and the kids will go to Christmas eve service in their jammies!

If that was all we did, I would be very happy. Please enjoy some of last year’s photos, they will be much the same for this year!

This year, we'll add one more!


LEON and kisses.. I mean NOEL... yeah. That's it...




  1. I wish we had a book that we read that my son would listen to… Growing up, my dad always read us “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” by Dylan Thomas. The writing was somewhat ponderous and I don’t think I ever made it to the end of the book but it evoked wonderful memories for my dad who spent most of his growing-up Christmases in Wales. Part of me would love to continue the tradition, and the other part of me knows that no one else would appreciate it. (sigh).

  2. I like your Harry Potter room. If I had one and were selling my house, I’d totally list it as an additional bedroom. 🙂

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