1. whew!! My in-laws used to be on a well – their toilets were always yellow (from the sulfer, I think). And no – they didn’t use a filter on their water system. Drove me insane. I’d never drink the water and anytime my kids were over there – and they drank from the faucet (when I wasn’t looking)- they’d have the runs the next day.

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Our brand new toilets are doing that. I think we need a water softener. It wasn’t like that at the other house, adn while I don’t clean often enough, I don’t clean any less often here. It gets black streaks where the water comes from under the rim, and a “moldy” looking black ring at the water line. I have found Lime-Away squirted on it and let to soak for a few minutes makes it scrub away. But I have to do it every time.

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