Thoughts on a Thursday: WTH How is it December already?

I’m writing this Wednesday afternoon. I really should get to dinner, but I am out of ideas and it’s only my 4th night alone with my kids. Yikes. My mom is coming tomorrow. That means I spent a lot of today cleaning. Toilets. Sweeping upstairs. How on earth does so much DUST get everywhere? Why didn’t my hubby clean up after himself when he sanded the drywall in the bathroom closet? Ick… and why for the love of all that is holy are our lovely year old toilets MOLDING? Seriously. I know while I was pregnant and peeing 15 times a night I didn’t always flush every single time. Who wants to waste 5 gallons of water on 2 seconds of pee so you can sleep? I just can’t figure it out. So this time? I cleaned with the toilet bowl cleaner, and thenĀ  I dumped straight bleach over the brush and brushed the bowl and under the rim and all of that. If that doesn’t kill it, I don’t know what else to do. Nothing else has changed except we now have ‘soft’ water, maybe that’s the issue? I don’t know, but it pisses me off to have it gang up on me 2 days after I clean it last. How often do YOU clean your toilet? I’m guessing it’s not every 2 days. We’ll see how this works out. I hate using bleach, but good Lord save us all. Gag.

See what you get when you read here? I’m sorry. I swear I don’t always have potty humor. Bygones.

I remembered to make the mortgage payment. I hope to God that my husband didn’t decide to do it, too, because we’d be up $hit creek without a paddle. Wait, I swore off the potty humor. I’m sorry.

I’ve done a lot of my Christmas shopping online. Most of it. Almost all of it. A few things I found on sale now and again, but mostly I ordered Thanksgiving morning, night, and black Friday. I ordered Brennan a couple of new diapers on Small Business Saturday. My total was somewhere around 80$ but I had $30 in gift cert for writing blog posts, and we are supposed to get $25 back on the Amex card for shopping at a registered business, so 4 diapers should cost around $25 shipped free, when they arrive. See I pre-ordered a new style of diaper and they won’t ship the other ones until those ship out. So I am tapping my foot, waiting. We got some cool stuff for the nieces and nephews, most of it is still on its way and hasn’t arrived yet. Still have to shop for the one. Even though we tried to avoid it, every year the kids (even teenagers) cross over the lists and ask us all to get the same things. I send out one list of a variety of monetary levels and tell them to fight it out.

I’m completely rambling now. Matt will fly home on Friday. Keeley is supposed to visit my family, so mom is taking her back. That means I have Friday with just Brennan and Matt will be home Friday night and then Keeley will come home on Saturday. How cool is that? Well, this isn’t getting dinner made. See ya later!

ps NABLOPOMO I made it! Yeah!


  1. I clean our toilet on Mondays. I have a Clorox toilet wand and those cartridges aren’t free. I do have a toilet brush and some sort of toilet bowl cleaner in our basement bathroom that I can use if it’s gross between cleanings.

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