There are no words

My husband wants this nifty watch. It’s programmable. He’s had it on his wish list for TWO years (Jan 2010). I was FINALLY going to order it for him. The thing that really stuck me is that they want a company URL. I don’t have one. I mean, my blog is my company, but I don’t want it linked to computer stuff, you know? What really jerked my feet out from underneath me was this, though:

Are you or is this request intended for use by a military entity, or for the development of radar, biometrics, missile technology, nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons?

OH MY GOD PEOPLE IT’S JUST A FREAKING WATCH. So the answer is NO, HELL NO, and TRIPLE HELL NO. There are NO words for this. None.

So I sent him my login and told him if he still wanted it, he had to order it. I am SO done with this!


  1. Why do men always want such crazy things? My husband asked for a pickup for Christmas for three years. Yes, honey, I will buy you a truck with my mountains of money.

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