3 months post-partum

I think this is probably my last ‘update’. I’m still hanging out around 150 lbs (that’s 9 lbs less than when I got pregnant). I am very confident that this will not last, winter is coming, and I move so little as it is. I’m doing everything I did before (or procrastinating over the same things, like mopping, ick!) I got pregnant, have no post-partum pain or anything of that sort. My evil aunt-flo has decided to return 3 months later, just like with Keeley. Imagine my disappointment. Also, there’s a chance we were pregnant, but alas, not. Lol. We would have had the so-called Irish twins (you know when you have the babies like 10 months apart)…with Irish names. Comical. Anyway, no chance of that, and we’ll be more careful from here on out. 🙂


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