Celebrity, cloth diapers, and who’s to judge?

I promised cloth diaper month, so here’s my 2 cents on the ‘daily news’:

We’ve all seen the ‘natural’ celebrity parents, right? The ones that promo cloth diapers that their kids ‘used’ at awards show nurseries (provided by cloth diaper manufacturers), the ones that ACTUALLY use them, but maybe as a fashion accessory or political statement ( you know they don’t wash them!), and then those who TRULY believe (few and far between).  Then there’s those, famous perhaps by accident, that don’t use them… and I have to wonder, why? Case in point? The ‘in the news…again for being pregnant’ Duggar family. Yes, she’s 45, yes this is baby #20, yes they went through hell last time, but who’s to judge? I really would have thought that she was in menopause already, but I guess it just wasn’t in God’s plan for them to have babies 1o months apart this last time around. My guess is that with each baby using approximately 5,000-8,000 by the time they are potty trained (thank you Kelly Wels book “Changing Diapers” for that number), multiply that times 19. That’s between 95 and 150 thousand diapers in a landfill. THAT? Does disgust me a little bit. Considering all the hands they have now to help out with changes and laundry, I hope that they at least consider cloth diapers for this baby. From all the googling I did, I couldn’t find anywhere that said that they use cloth diapers, and at least as of last year, people online were still saying that the babies all had worn disposables on the show, and my recollection of watching the show also was with babies in disposables, saw boxes and boxes of them on the grocery cart at the grocery store when they featured them grocery shopping and it almost made me throw up, but the daughter in law does (expecting baby #2 soon). Considering how they like to ‘save money’, you would think that they’d have clued into the cloth diaper thing years ago and made the switch, especially having that many babies in diapers or potty training at the same time.

I am definitely not here to judge, but it does make me a little nauseated. Speaking of which, I need to wash the diapers for my second child, who is wearing the same diapers her sister did and costing us nothing. How’s that for savings?


  1. I have to bite my tongue when it comes to the Duggers – because, although they do take care of their children – I think it is just wrong to bring that many children into the world – purely for environmental reasons. They have just added to the overpopulation by twenty fold.

  2. I don’t bite my tongue.

    The Christian Patriarchal belief system is horrifying and the whole quiverfull movement disgusts me. They follow teachings of arsehats like the Pearls. No thanks. Child abuse upsets me.

    Their children are indeed cared for… by their other children. Mom, except for ‘homeschooling’ (don’t get me started on the stupidity of their brand of learning) and nursing the smallest seems to take no interest in her children at all. I’d be surprised if she knows which ones are which. The kids are in training to perpetuate the woman as chattel movement. Since it’s not my blog, I won’t use profanity. But it’s in my head. 🙂

    Cloth diapers? They’ve come a long way. I knew nothing about them when my babies were small, and I did use disposables. If I had it to do over again, it would be different, but live and learn as they say.

  3. I had the same thought while watching ‘Sister Wives’ a few weeks ago. You could see cases of disposable diapers in their house. You’d think after having a dozen and a half children that they’d consider cloth. They’re always talking about ways to save money, why not save money on diapers?


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