1. I haven’t cloth diapered yet- but number 2 is due in April and we have decided to cloth this time around!! I’m super excited about it! Over the past two months we have been buying diapers here and there when they are on sale- trying out a few different kinds. Fuzzi bunz is one of the ones I’ve heard the most great things about so I ordered some from zulily last month! Love all the colors- but ones like mac n cheese and apple green stick out the most to me! I have a question about night time cloth diapering- do you have any recommendations for a night time diaper that stays dry longer? My first was SUCh an amazing sleeper (still is!!) and I would hate for a baby to wake up only because they have leaked through! So any suggestions on that would be Awesome!

  2. Katie S

    I guess my question would be related to get others excited about cloth diapering. I know you said the book addresses the issue of convincing dads or day care to cloth. That’s one of the challenges I’m facing. My husband isn’t very on-board with cloth diapering. I think he’s afraid of what people will think of us, honestly. I do want to try to get my family excited about cloth too, but don’t want to be annoying about it, you know what I mean? My second question would be, how do I control my cloth diaper addiction?! 🙂 Haha, I’m always SO tempted to buy diapers when I see them on sale (especially the brands I haven’t tried yet, but have been admiring!), but I’m not pregnant with baby #2 yet, so I know my husband would not approve my purchases! I visited Fuzzibunz and I just love their color selection. It’s hard to even choose a favorite, because I love them all, but I love the new Spearmint and I’ve always loved Apple Green because it’s bright and fun and still gender neutral! Thanks

  3. Julie G

    My question would be about cloth diapering a NB… I have invested in some NB size diapers and am also hoping to be able to use some of my OS, if I can get them small enough. What is the best diaper for a NB. I started cloth a little late for baby #1 but I just remember how he always leaked at night when he was a newborn. I was always changing wet clothes in the middle of the night. Is this better with cloth? I hope so… I love FB diapers and my favorite color is probably Green Apple or Kumquat!

  4. Felicia R

    I have questions on how to use bleach with my diapers. I prefer to soak them since we have a HE front loader and don’t know how much to use or how long to let them sit for. Then I don’t know if I should wash like normal afterwards or add extra rinses. So, my questions.. how do I use bleach with my diapers and how long should they soak for?
    I\My favorite FB color is crushed berries!

  5. Sissy

    My question would be – what is the best less fuss (ie doesn’t require a lot of rinses, additives, etc) detergent to wash CD with? I’m just wondering what the ultimate easy to use detergent is. My favorite color is Grape!

  6. Rachel N

    My question is – How long can you leave your diapers before they start to get gross? I am starting to potty train my oldest so we are not using as many diapers in a day… how long can I leave in between washes?
    My favorite color fuzzi bunz is apple green

  7. Nikole H.

    I’ve cloth diapered my daughter PT for almost a year now and I still wonder if I’m getting the best fit on my daughter. I know there’s no easy answer, but I wish I wasn’t always wondering :/ I like their Spearmint and Apple Green. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  8. Elizabeth B

    I like Fuzzibunz in watermelon. My question would be what is the best option for a heavy night-wetter. I use GroVia’s during the day and love them, but the don’t absorb enough at night. I used to use Bumgenius pockets at night, but the microfiber also can’t hold my 15-month old’s wetness. So I’ve tried various hemp inserts, but still not completely satisfied with a complete diaper that keeps pee in, but keeps baby dry. The biggest problem I have with adding hemp is that I still need at least one other microfiber insert to keep her dry, so her diaper is really bulky. It’s not a big deal because it’s at night, but I think it affects the fit of the diaper. Suggestions?

    elannbe at gmail

  9. Nikki Moore

    My question would be, how many One size diapers really fit from birth? Most seem so big.

    I like Buttercream!

  10. I’ve always been interested in cloth diapering but think I’d have a hard time convincing my husband because he’d worry about smell/getting them clean. How hard is it?
    Crushed berries is so cute!

  11. Jessica

    I love cloth diapering but always have trouble with Aplix closures. How do I keep them from wearing down?

  12. steff

    i love green apple, and my question is.. how do i know what brand/type to start with! there aren’t any stores in my area, so i’ll have to order online. :/

  13. Lisa P

    These days my favourite is kumquat! My question is, I know snaps are more durable, but are they finicky for “man fingers”, or do most guys get used to them?

  14. Tiffany

    Hi I am still pretty new to cloth and have 2 super sensitive girls Im using them on and was wondering what is the best way to go about washing them and whats the best detergent for the super sensitive. In fact I have also been trying to find the best rash cream too any suggestions? Thanks so much and I like Crushed Berries or Spearmint best.

  15. Laura

    One of my questions regarding cloth diapers is how long can a diaper sit dirty b4 washing? I really like the choco truffle and kumquat colors!

  16. kristen j.

    I’ve been using disposable diapers the last day and a half due to a nasty diaper rash and not having any cd safe rash cream. But, I have been using our cloth wipes. I’ve got a few dirty diapers that need washing today and am trying to decide if its safe to wash the wipes with the diapers since the wipes have rash cream on them. what would you do?
    I’m torn between spearmint and crushed berries. Love them both!

  17. Nancy Ludka

    I am replacing my microfiber inserts with hemp, until I have all hemp can I was the two together? Can I was the hemp with my pocket diapers? My favorite Fuzzi Bunz color is definitely Choco Truffle.

  18. Lindsay Coffman

    How do I get my microfiber inserts to stop stinking? My fave Fuzzi Bunz colors are Spearmint & Mac N Cheese.

  19. Katy M.

    Kumquat would be one of my favorite colors. I have a 4 month old boy and we have been cloth diapering for about 2-3 months now. We are still using disposable wipes, but will be transitioning over to cloth wipes soon. If I go the cheap route and buy the washclothes that come like 6 in a pack for a few bucks at Wal-Mart/Target, can I wash the washcloths/wipes together with my diapers??!!

  20. Bobbi Kilbarger

    First of all, I love the ChocoTruffle fuzzibunz.
    My main question would be what are the most absorbent inserts for Fuzibunz?

  21. tubbytelly

    I am pretty much cloth diapering full time now. I can’t get rid of the smell. I soak. I wash and rinse multiple times. I have used three of the well known cloth-diaper deteregents. What else can I do???

  22. Amy Dillard

    I new to cloth diapering, my question is how do I prep all my new diapers, can I wash all different brands together? I like light it up blue and choco truffle!

  23. callista lofton

    I began cloth diapering my first son when he was 1 and now am diapering my newborn. Are there diapers that aren’t so bulky for the newborn? I feel like the cloth makes it hard for him to move. I love the apple green color

  24. Sharon M

    I am out of ideas for how to keep my little man rash free overnight. He sleeps so long he wakes up with a rah from his wet dipe. We like kumquat.

  25. Jodi T

    We have been cloth diapering for a little over a year. My biggest problem is ammonia odors, so my question would be what to do (besides a good soak) to get rid of that. I love the crushed berries color!

  26. JustCorey

    One question i have about cloth diapering is what is best with newborns while they still have the umbilical cord stub… i didn’t start CDing with my first til 4 months and now #2 will be here soon and i have no idea
    as far as the fuzzibunz colors that i like it is hard to decide…. i like the primaries, mint, and choco truffle

  27. susanne wedel

    My question is on the amount of diapers you need.

    i have 3 boys. i fully in diapers. he is not yet 1 year. then i have 2 in night time diapers. i try to use only cloth for all of them but 2-3 times a week i run out.

    i have
    6 fuzzibunz
    1 grovia aio
    5 groviao shells with 7 inserts and 4 booster
    3 softbums echo with 7 inserts
    1 bestbottoms with 3 inserts plus boosters
    4 thirsties duo wraps
    1 thirsties duo diaper is on the way

    then i have a lot of extra inserts. but i run out of shells, as daycare does not reuse shells but uses them only once.

    i wash every other day, but basically have to diaper rotation. i always use all of them.
    do i need more. if feel like i already spent so much money…. how will i still be able to save money vs. disposables?

    thanks, susanne

  28. amy v

    i’ve slowly started to cd but my question is- what diapers are good to use at night? i’m hesitant to cd at night because of leaks.
    my fave color is- green apple

    annae07 at aol dot com

  29. My main question about cloth diapering is what to do for a newborn? I’ve wondered if it’s hard to get meconium staining out of diapers, and also if it’s cost effective to buy a small stash that will only be used for maybe a month. My favorite Fuzzibunz color? Well, we were blessed with a little girl recently so I love the crushed berries!

  30. debbie m

    My question is how do you battle the yeast monster once it has reared its ugly head?? LOL!

    I love the spearmint color!

  31. Sarah H

    My favorite color that I have is Watermelon, but I would love to have a Spearmint Fuzzi Bunz!

    My question is about stain removal. We can’t put our diapers outside to sun at our apartment, and we don’t have many windows that get much light. Are there any other options for stain removal besides sunning?

  32. I don’t really have a question, as I LOVE cloth diapers and have researched them extensively, but the most often question I see is “How do I wash these diapers to make them NOT stinky!??” It’s a tricky one and takes a while for everyone to get their own wash routine downpat!

    I love the Apple Green!

  33. Samantha Allen

    My question would be, what’s the best wash routine for someone who has to use a shared laundry mat?
    My favorite color is the spearmint!
    smoo06 at yahoo dot com

  34. Neva hurlbut

    I don’t really have a question other thsn maybe What is the best way to encourage other moms to CD ? Face color choco truffle. I wish they had black.

  35. Jodi J

    I’ve been cloth diapering for more than 4 years now, so I feel pretty comfortable but I can never seem to get my AIO diapers with an organic cotton inner to feel soft unless I put them in the dryer. I know that drying the diapers in the machine wears them out faster but when I hang them to dry they are super crunchy and I just can’t put them on my baby. Is there a way to do this?
    I’d love to win a diaper in Grape.

  36. I love the apple green color and my question is, How can you convert others to cloth? I am pretty passionate about cloth diapering, because of the heath and environmental benefits, the cost savings, and the fact that they work so much better than disposables in our experience, and they are adorable! I just can’t seem to convince anyone to even give it a try even after explaining all of this to them. Thank you.


  37. Laura

    Do different brand of cloth diapers (all cotton) actually stain differently? I have been reading reviews and I have seen it mentioned that a specific diaper stains a lot.

    I love grape for my little Bunny.

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