Shutterfly Holiday Cards

Last year I got a promotion for free Holiday cards from Shutterfly. To say that they were a hit would be a HUGE understatement. People loved them. Look here. Typically, I buy the cheapest cards possible, on sale the year before, but last year I had none in reserve and was so glad to blog to get some free cards. This year? Completely thrilled. If this promotion wasn’t running, I was going to have to do some major begging to get some cards- it’s not exactly something we have in our budget, and they really turned out GREAT! You can specify a number of different options on the cards, from the number and size of photos to text in different colors and fonts. It took forever for me to get the wording just right, but then? Truly awesome. It’s truly a great site and very customizable depending on your needs. If your family is one that appreciates calendars, they like the ones on this site, as well. Who wants a dozen different horses or cartoon characters when you can have photos of your grand-kids instead?

I can’t believe how much my big girl has grown. Not only that, but our family! 4 instead of 3, 2 kids instead of one, a preschool aged kid and a newborn, not just a toddler. Wow! Now I just have to decide which of the beautiful greeting cards to choose! It will have a lot of pictures, that is for sure! Whether you want something traditional or modern, there truly is something for everyone. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s other options, as well. I can’t wait to start taking ‘extra’ pictures for the fall and sorting out which ones will make the cut! I’ve been waiting for little bee to start holding her head up, we’re just days away, so I’m excited, plus, we got matching pumpkin hats for the girls as a shower gift, and you KNOW we’ll put those to good use!

And if like me, you’re a blogger who would like to try this promotion? Register here: and tell them I sent you. Thanks to Karmyn for the heads up on this promo!

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