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Following up on last week’s ‘just fishin’, talking about reading with Keeley: http://www.lifeisnotbubblewrapped.com/2011/10/24/omg-reading-at-three/

I mean, do I really need to say more? Our big issue is going to be teaching her to read different words, because she has all her ‘own’ books memorized. That’s why it took brand new books to verify that she actually was reading. She had been saying ‘ I want to watch wow wow wow’ and there is a show called wow wow wubzy? something like that and I’m going, how do you know that? She said wow wow wow and I said, can you spell it and she points at the tv and says W-O-W. She also knew House and Bones (even without the pictures up there), I think she’s memorizing things that we tend to watch on tv– we dvr everything, of course, so she’s seen it up on the screen while we select it, etc.

But how much is memorization and how much is reading, and is there REALLY a difference between the two when you are 2 and 3 years old? Any reading experts, please chime in! I have some ‘word’ flash cards, but they all have the picture on them I *think*, I need to check that out. Because if it’s just the word, then we can sit and do those from time to time like we did the alphabet cards and numbers cards…

OMFL (oh my fricking lord) — ‘off we go to trick or treat’… is it normal for a newly turned 3 year old to read a sentence?


Sayre is playing today! Welcome! http://sayresmiles.blogspot.com/2011/10/just-fishing-friday.html

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  1. Sorry I didn’t get to play last week – things were just too crazy…

    Part of reading IS memorization. Letters and the sounds that go with them. They start with a few and it just grows. Keep feeding her new books – she’ll love it even more.

    I’m trying to remember when I realized my boy could read. He’d been “pretend” reading for so long that when the switch happened, I think I missed it.

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