Three is ‘Lost at Sea’



Cake.. as Treasure!

The party went pretty well. I still had to do the cake by the time everyone got there, we had spent the first couple of hours taking turns with Brennan in the bathroom aka baby steam room trying to clear her congestion. The food went over well, though, and Keeley had a great time, being the center of attention, stealing licks of frosting, playing with her cousins and just in general loving ‘her’ day. Tomorrow is her real big day, she still has some of our little presents left to open, so we’ll extend her ‘fun’ through tomorrow!

I asked her what she wanted her party to be next year and without skipping a beat she said ‘a princess party’ — which is why I did pirate party this year, I knew that she’d want princess next year anyway! 🙂 Go mom! Special thanks to Matt for grilling and taking care of the little things that needed done, and my mom for washing dishes!


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