Thoughts on a Thursday

If this is what 3 is like, then the terrible two’s didn’t exist and I’m in for a VERY long year.

4 days til her birthday, 2 until her party. I have NOTHING done.

What I never realized about being a mom is that you put everything on the line, your whole life, your credibility, your social standing, community status.. and your kid acting like a jerk one time can make everyone think you’re a sucky parent. I’m so sick of blowing off horrible behavior until we get out of earshot and laughing stuff off. There are times I just want to punish her in public and embarrass the hell out of her, just once.

It wouldn’t do any good. I know that. Everyone would think I was ‘mean’ and horrible, and gossip about me behind my back. They’d suggest counseling or that she really needs testing done, or some crap.

She’s TWO. Almost 3.  I can only assume that since other little kids her age still bite, kick, and scream no, and she doesn’t do any of that, that she fits somewhere on the normal spectrum, but the public tantrum-ing has GOT to stop. Either A. someone is going to call social services because they think she’s being abused at home and that’s why she doesn’t want to go or B. they’re going to think we’re stealing her because she says ‘I’m not going with you’…  Try explaining BAD foster homes to a 2 year old. Doesn’t happen very easily, does it?

Behavior has consequences, but again, explain that to a small child. They just don’t get it. Either that, or my kid is just REALLY stupid.

I love her. A lot. I just don’t want all the kids, parents and whatnot to label her as a troublemaker because, quite frankly, she is as bad as a boy about stuff, and not giggly and girly like all the rest of the girls. If we don’t take her places (punishment) then she stays socially awkward and has more trouble when she goes back ‘older’.

Yes I feel like a horrible parent today. I can assume that you’ll forgive me, because I do have an awesome ‘just fishin’ for tomorrow.

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  1. If you’re a mom, you’ve been there. Other moms won’t judge you because they know. Unless they have unnaturally good children which always sets off alarm bells for me… Unnaturally good children are usually AFRAID to be bad or make a mistake or express themselves. Obviously Keeley doesn’t have any problems with THAT. And she will grow out of it. It’s just going to seem like forever before she does.

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