Brennan–2 month update

Eyes: Still dark blue.
Head: Still very soft, hair is falling out, front to back (no mohawk!)
Face: Baby acne is almost gone, tear duct is still blocked, but weeps less. Drooling has started (uh oh teething?) Crinkling of face when smiling (see cute things below!)
Neck: Still hidden by chub!
Arms/trunk: She’s grabbing onto things with her hands a bit more, which is the next step to grasping!
Lower body/legs: (sigh) sore spots from her immunizations

Height: 23  inches
Weight: 11 lbs. 15 oz.
Head Circ: 39 cm
That means on height and weight, she’s bigger than 90% of similar babies. Yowza!

Sleep: Started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks! This might mean 10-3, but that’s something! (and if she doesn’t make it all night, she goes right back to bed, and sleeps to morning!)

Demeanor: Still wants held most of the time she’s awake. Has started to lay and coo if she doesn’t need anything, pedals her feet and just look around, as well. Some eye contact.

Clothing: Bye bye newborn clothes! 0-3 months? Not really! 3-6 month ones are just about right! 0-3 month pants are still too long.

Diapers: Goodbye newborn prefolds and cover! Just sized up one of her TAG covers, seems to work a little better that way, it’s 6-18 lbs, so probably a good bet to ‘size up’.  When the washer went out, we put the BG’s on her, they did fit, but will hold off on those overall since we have plenty of sized diapers and prefolds that currently fit. I’m guessing by next month the prefolds and small covers will be vaya con dios!

Nursing: Much better than before, usually doesn’t need to take too much of a break to burp, we get a good session and then stop for a burp and diaper change and follow up with a little more if she’s not had enough and that’s pretty much it! (Last month she was eating almost constantly, forgot to post that!)

Likes: Milk and a dry butt, being held, swayed or rocked, being sang to, etc. (still the same here!)
Dislikes: A wet or dirty butt and an empty belly. She’s even giving daddy a hard time if he’s holding her to put her off so I can take care of business before feeding her. Overall she doesn’t seem to like the car much, either. It probably has a lot to do with big sister yelling and mom and dad saying SHUT UP!

Cute things: Chewing on her fist or mouthing when hungry, beginning of hungry cries ‘naah’. FIRST AWAKE SMILES October 9th early AM hours for mommy AND daddy!
NSC things: Pooping all over each diaper cover, she’s eating a lot more, so we’re getting less use from prefold/covers, they aren’t getting her clothes dirty, but they are FULL! Crying when daddy holds her. She gets REALLY loud about it, too!

2 months--Mona Lisa Smile

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