Just Fishin’ or Fist Pump Friday: October 14, 2011

Jessica is playing this week, check out her ‘just fishin’ post at her tea blog: http://lifegavemetea.blogspot.com/2011/10/tea-review-celestial-seasonings.html

Sayre is playing, too.

I actually have a few things to choose from this week, but I think I’ll go with a ‘Just Fishin’ that I always mention when people talk about what they want their kids to grow up like. I say something like “I want my kids to never be afraid to have their own dance party to celebrate the joys in life.” I don’t want them to outgrow that inherent expression of joy. We like to dance when something good comes on the radio, or bob our heads in the car, or when Ellen does her dance (we DVR the show), I always encourage Keeley to get up and dance along. A lot of times it’s just arms moving, and then twirling, and then running in circles! I’m sure we’ll get more sophisticated as time goes on, but for now, this is how we ‘jam’. Here are a few snapshots of her dancing this week:



gorgeous, right? I call this the fly by.

Also, my little tip for keeping Keeley off of Brennan a lot is to put Brennan on HER blanket and tell Keeley to stay on hers. They are close enough together for a sneak over to kiss toes, but far enough apart that a roll or flop wouldn’t necessarily put Brennan in danger. I can’t wait to dance with both my girls!

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  1. Mine will go up later. Work’s been… not fun today. I need a dose of my boy before my mind can calm down enough to tackle this.

    Love the pictures of Keeley dancing! We used to dance all the time at my house, back when we had a record player. Really. With records and everything! My Boy just LOVED dancing. We still do it sometimes, but there is more resistance now as we approach the teen years.

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