Just Fishin’/Fist Pump Friday Oct. 7th

This just in: Sayre’s playing today! http://sayresmiles.blogspot.com/2011/10/friday-fist-bump.html

I have one of each today! The just fishin’ is for Keeley, and the fist pump for Brennan!

Keeley now attends church club on Monday afternoons. Matt goes in with her to volunteer his time (he got the 5th and 6th grade class, surprise, surprise).. and since mom is the ‘more crafty’ one, I got the job of helping her with her sailboat. They were supposed to use their own wind power to propel them (I was at the dentist, so I missed it) — she couldn’t manage to blow properly, so since she’s 2, they just allowed her to shove hers. It cracked up all the adults. Nevertheless, she brought home an award for time and an award for decorations. I guess the kids all like smiley face and Disney stickers? I don’t think she’ll remember this particular race, but it’s an annual thing, so as time goes on, she’ll combine all the memories together, and hopefully tuck a good memory away for safe keeping to pull out later and make her smile. Apparently, she’d been finger painting at the club, so I just gave her one of my aprons and let her go. I do love to craft items, so perhaps we’ll do some of these things together as she gets older, too, for decorations around the house, etc.

Prepping for the big race

Posing with dad before they go!

Ready to go!

…. and guess who’s sleeping through the night? Happy 7 weeks Brennan Marie! Very happy! Let’s see what’s next!

Next step, great adventures!


  1. You lucky dog!!! Sleeping through the night already? It took my boy FOUR YEARS to sleep through the night!

    Love Keeley’s boat… she did a wonderful job of decorating it!

    I plan to participate too, but it won’t be until later today. Got a busy morning going, which includes a report due.

  2. Good job both girls! 🙂

    Sorry I am not participating in the meme – I’ve been having a tough time getting to the blog lately so I just didn’t think I could do it. Although what I ended up posting today probably fits the just fishin’ theme.

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