Fun Monday: Baby it’s cold outside (where’s the turkey?)

Sayre says: This weekend’s cooler weather put me in a Fall state-of-mind and for the first time since last March, I wanted soup for dinner.  I heated up some chicken noodle soup which the Boy and I shared for dinner.  The Man had leftover pizza.  That craving got me to thinking – what do people crave when the weather gets cooler?  Sign up in comments, and I’ll add your link to this post.

How does she always know what I want to write about but never get around to? She must read my mind! I’ve been craving a Thanksgiving turkey ever since we saw THIS outside our windows:

Mm, can I have noodles with that?

Seriously, though, I’ve been craving soup for a long while, I have fresh veggie soup in my fridge right now as a matter of fact! I had it twice yesterday. My favorite thing to do, when I get to, is start soup at like 9 am, and then get a ‘tester’ bowl at 10 am, and then have some for lunch, and then a snack in the afternoon, yeah I love my veggie (beef) soup. Most of the time? I get a roast on purpose to have soup. It’s a double benefit, a hearty meal with potatoes and carrots followed by a hearty soup! Plus I can do the roast in the crock pot and the soup in the soup pot, and there’s not a ton of dishes for a few days!

I do crave Thanksgiving type meals pretty much all year round, though. Feed me turkey with gravy and dressing and noodles.. mmmm don’t forget the mashed potatoes, either. Toss in some veggies so you feel ‘healthy’ for the day. Don’t forget to have a turkey sandwich with mayo and cheese late at night, either. Help you go to sleep!

Oops and Halloween is right around the corner too. Need I say candy corn? Yum.

A special thing we had done for a lot of years was to have pizza Christmas eve. It would just BARELY get done to shove some in before church, and then we’d finish it when we got home. Awesome way to send yourself off to dreamland. Yes, I’m already thinking about Christmas, too.

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  1. Mmmm!!! I love Thanksgiving dinners! Fresh from the oven turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy…. You’ve got me drooling now!

    I signed up to cook for the Senior Luncheon at church – I’m planning “Green Soup”, which is made with lots and lots of spinach. It’s absolutely delicious! Even my boy asks me to make it from time to time.

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