Breastfeeding is fashionable

This is a new series put on by Wild and Precious, a friend of Exploits of a Military Mama, who had a little boy about 2 weeks before Brennan was born. We empathized with each other the last few weeks of pregnancy (all the trials and tribulations therein). Blair, from Wild and Precious, wrote a post about struggling with being fashionable while breastfeeding (if you’ve breastfed, you’ve been there)– and got a lot of flak about it. So, the series, ‘Breastfeeding is fashionable’ was born.

Here’s my input:

Today I’m going to take it literally, and tell you what I actually, honest to God wear every day that I can right now. In the house, out of the house, church, grocery store, it doesn’t matter. I have a uniform right now. You can see me wearing it in the hospital a month ago, right after Brennan was born. It’s a tank top:

Too much skin? Not for me! Yes, even in church.

I’m super lucky that right now? It’s fall. Which means I can wear a sweater over the tank top and it affords a wee bit more coverage. Also? I’m glad I saved my chunky knit sweaters from about 10 years ago, because they’re back in fashion now. Woot! So my uniform is one of 4 tanks (I need more!), one of a couple of sweaters or jackets, and jeans or cords. It’s the perfect balance for in the house, because I can take the outer layer off, or put it back on as temperature demands. This morning it was 37 outside. Brr. We still don’t have the heat on, so I’ve had the sweater on most of the day. It’s supposed to be 80 later this week, so I’ll wear the sweater out of the house, but probably take it on and off as needed. I probably won’t need it INSIDE the house when it’s 80.

So far I’ve nursed in the hospital (even walking down the hallway), in church, in a store, and outside at a football game. So far, I haven’t gotten any negative feedback, although my older brother did bolt from the table when he realized I was going to nurse the baby right across from him. That’s his problem, not mine. His first wife didn’t nurse their kids and even though his current wife nursed hers, it was before they were together. I’d note that my baby has gained 3 lbs so she’s a lot bigger than in the picture above, now, plus she’s moving around and has more clothes on, so you see a LOT less of me than in the hospital picture!

Okay so this is a lousy picture taken in the mirror, but it gives you an idea, I’m only 6 weeks out, so I still have quite the belly on me, so forgive the chub. Now going out, I’d probably trade for my jean jacket or brown sweater, so it’s not so grey on black on black, you know, but it IS what I’m wearing right now. Spit-up happens and I’d rather let this one get fouled up and wear something else later when I go to the dentist. Whoo- so exciting! For church I’d add a necklace and earrings, and some nice shoes. When you’re wearing the same things over and over, the key is to accessorize differently each time, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing the same thing over and over again. Lol.

My uniform, of sorts

A nursing tank is great, not only can you layer it or wear it by itself, you can sleep in it, too. No need for a bra underneath it, it has a built in bra (no wires!), and even though I’m generously proportioned, my breasts have not hurt from wearing them nearly 24/7 for 6 weeks. I prefer the side sling tanks (that means the whole cup drops, there are others that drop the cup, but you still only have a small ‘hole’ that shows for the nipple to go through.) Needless to say, with such large bazookas, the holes aren’t big enough to let my baby get a good latch without fabric in her mouth. Here’s the brand that I found in the store:

I also found one with ruffles on the front and 2 with stripes (shown in the mirror picture) so they aren’t all completely plain. In fact the one with ruffles is just plain gorgeous, but it’s in the wash right now! All were between $15 and $20, so not super expensive, and if you nurse for an extended time and wear them once a week, you’re REALLY getting your money’s worth! Side note: I would wear them when NOT nursing, too, they are nice enough, especially if you’re wearing something over it, most people don’t even notice the little ‘latches’ to drop the cup, but if they make you uncomfortable once you’re done nursing, add a layer, or glue a button, ribbon, or rhinestone over it, and it will look like it was made that way.

Any questions or comments, feel free to let me have it!


  1. Mrs.Trophywife

    Aren’t those tank tops the bomb? I only have one *which is all stained and gross* and I’m totally investing in more before long. They are my next purchase. I love the Bravado ones, but the Target ones are SO much cheaper and still great.

  2. I have 2 nursing tanks coming from Zulily (they are sitting at the post office, waiting to be delivered tomorrow). I don’t just wear tank tops alone, but I am excited to have them to layer under dresses, sweaters, and tops. So many of my tops need a camisole for modesty and I don’t want to have to deal with that extra layer on top of a bra. I’m hoping the nursing tanks/camis will solve this! With my chest so generously proportioned at the moment, I need more support and less showing when I bend over! You know I am not shy about breastfeeding, I just have a comfort zone about how much is showing when I’m not breastfeeding. lol.

  3. I used to be the sad mom with a huge blanket over her shoulder – until i finally just said, “enough” and breastfed modestly with whatever shirt I was wearing pulled down over the babies head.

  4. LOL – I am having fashion flashbacks, only for me it was late spring/summer and I had to work, so it was ‘camp shirts’ over tanks. You.Look.Marvelous!

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