In the middle of the night…

Why am I the only one awake?

This is what the middle of the night looks like for me. My husband is peacefully snoozing. Brennan has eaten and has probably had a new diaper and eaten AGAIN by now. She’s milk drunk and totally zonked. In all likelihood, I got up to pee and realized the camera was in the bedroom (get your mind out of the gutter, we took pictures of the girls in the bath) — so I snapped this shot. Not much room for me in the bed, is there?

Matt said the other night ‘ah, now if we just had one more girl in my bed, it would complete my ultimate fantasy’ — I said ‘do you want me to wake Keeley up?’ 🙂

You should see it on weekend mornings–Keeley climbs in, and then if Brennan wakes up, eventually one of us grabs her and pulls her in, too. No one has much room, but a lot of snuggling goes on. Someone makes coffee and pours juice, then we go back and snuggle some more… and we’re still probably awake 2 hours before anyone else in town.

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  1. I promise you this.

    The memories of this time in your life will be some of the sweetest ones you have.
    And you WILL catch up on sleep eventually.


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