Just Fishin’ aka Fist Pump Fridays September 30, 2011

Thanks to my blog friends that decided to play along for our first ‘fist pump’ or ‘just fishin’ Fridays. The goal here is to do something GREAT with your week, and then share it with all of us. It can be something small that will be a ‘just fishin’ moment (you know, something you do with your kids that they will always remember as something great, but right now? they don’t get it at all, they just think they’re ‘fishin’ with you) — or a fist pump–something awesome that happened to you this week. I gave the example of just putting my baby on the floor while I made the toddler lunch, and she fell asleep– right there, and I LEFT her on the floor to nap for 2 hours. I had been trying to get her to sleep by rocking her, bouncing her, shushing her, and then just voila, she fell asleep right there on the floor. So what is your awesome news? Here’s a list of players, be sure to visit them and see their triumph for the week.



This week we had a just fishin moment– at an ice cream shop.  She asked for chocolate chips, got ice cream with chocolate in it, ate every bite, and then downed the ‘juice’ in the bottom of the cup — slurping it up until she had a chocolate ring around her mouth. I remember doing this as a kid– well not exactly, because I wouldn’t have asked for chocolate chip, but anyway, sometimes, one of my parents would mention ice cream, and we’d just take off in the vehicle and go. It was always such a welcome surprise. Hopefully she’ll remember those chocolate ringed moments as minutes of pure childhood joy.


She thinks we're just having ice cream...


  1. Some of my best memories are going for ice cream with my grandmother! We did that right up until she died (she was a serious ice cream freak!).

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