Their loss

Don’t you hate it when you have a post written and have to go do something else and you assume it’s saved, but really it’s not and.. yeah it’s gone. My time is precious, so I’ll get right to the point.

Brennan is 5 weeks old, and it took a month for Matt’s parents to see her. I take that back. His mom has seen her, at a sporting event. Matt went over and said hi with Keeley (she was rooting for the opposing team, make sense?) anyway, all she did was say hi to Keeley. No offers of a hug, nothing. His stepdad was standing right there, too.

So his mom and sister and niece came over. She wanted to hold Brennan and I was very polite. I still wasn’t moving fast so I didn’t get up. I answered all her questions with a smile (after saying hello).

That was it.

Matt figured they’d stop back by on their way out, so his stepdad could see the baby. Nope. No card, no call (except Matt calling them to tell them the baby had come), nothing.

Unfortunately, I think Matt’s a bit tired of waiting and being the only one to put forth effort, which really is too bad. It’s been almost 2 years. It saddens me, a lot. First words, first steps, first tantrums, all gone. The child that was a baby is now potty trained and headed off to ‘big kid’ things like swimming lessons and church club. The baby will grow up even faster, not really understanding that she has another set of grandparents. THEIR LOSS.



  1. It IS their loss. Your parents know what is important, but Matt’s don’t seem to get it. Enjoy the people who care, and don’t waste much time on the ones who don’t. Everyone will be a lot happier.

  2. It’s been said a million times I’m sure that you can’t choose your relatives. If you could, we’d all pick at least one different one than the ones we’re stuck with, right?
    And yeah. Their loss. Your lives and the lives of your children will be happy and full of love. They don’t need anything from that side of the family. It’s too bad they won’t have the joy along with you.

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