Brennan: 1 month update

Eyes: Blue. Dark blue. Can you believe it? We can’t either!
Head: Scabs are almost all gone (from either pelvic bones or vacuum, not sure), very soft to the cheek, short dark hair that curls when it’s wet or sweaty, it’s almost soft as a horse muzzle.
Face: Baby acne is present, but she looks a lot like me. Tear duct is blocked in left eye. She’s lost the ‘double rolls’ under her eyes she had at birth.
Neck: Thoroughly hidden by chub!
Arms/trunk: Some acne on chest and a little lactation, arms are chubby, fingernails growing ALL.THE.TIME. Her nails look like Grandma Andrews’, very girly shaped. Cord off at 2 weeks.
Lower body/legs: Deliciously chubby, still a little swollen from mommy’s hormones. Feet are short like mine, seems to have long toes like daddy, though. Haven’t had to cut toenails.

Height: appx 21 inches (at 1 week check up)
Weight: 9 lbs 2 oz (at 2 week check up)

Sleep: During the day, she eats and goes back down pretty well (except at nap time, apparently she KNOWS when I want her to sleep and is stubborn about that, but only a little). At night, she has been letting us sleep about 5 hours on average each time, so say 10-3 and then is back up when Keeley gets up at 6 or 6:30. Or, 8-12, then 4, for example. Since I’ve been waking her every 3-4 hours during the day (when she’d rather snooze), she has been doing better about going to bed at night, and at nap time, too. I’d rather just let her sleep, but unfortunately, since Matt wakes so early, and Keeley does, too, we need her to sleep at the ‘right time’.

Demeanor: Wants held most of the time she’s awake. This is very wearing on me, but I do enjoy brushing my cheek on her soft hair, kissing her face, etc. It just makes it hard to get things done sometimes. Okay, all the time.

Clothing: Newborn separates work fine, shirts ride up a bit. 0-3 month onesies are tight over her diapers a bit, depending on brand. 3-6 month ones are too loose. 0-3 month pants are too long. Socks won’t stay on her feet. Pretty sure even the ‘1’ shoes don’t fit yet.

Diapers: Still using newborn and regular prefolds, seems like her ‘newborn’ cover that she has may be on it’s last few wearings (supposed to be up to 10 lbs)–it leaked yesterday when she was in the swing napping, so either it’s being outgrown or just not absorbent enough for that long of a time. I haven’t tried the BG’s on her yet, I’m guessing they would fit soon, but will hold off on those since we have plenty of sized diapers and prefolds that currently fit.

Likes: Milk and a dry butt, being held, swayed or rocked, being sang to, etc.
Dislikes: A wet or dirty butt (to the point of screaming), being put down if she’s fully awake (scream), having an empty belly (scream).

Cute things: Nibbling on daddy’s neck when mommy’s not available for a snack, nasally snoring and sighing, sleeping with her eyes open.
NSC things: Screaming. Pooping on the wall, spit up down mommy’s bra/shirt/ daddy’s shirt. You know, normal icky baby stuff!


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