Fun Monday: Resurrect with our daily duties?

Sayre is wondering if we should bring Fun Monday back. I guess we’ll see if anyone else posts or not. I haven’t been to her site to see if anyone else is playing, but I am– at least for today. I did a similar post of ‘my day’ a few weeks ago– so read THIS for grins– see how much different it is from my typical day now!

5:50 am B makes noise, bathroom, nurse her, diaper change
6:15 am B is screaming, wakes K up, go up and yell for her to open her door, help her with the bathroom, get her clothes, take her diaper down to the laundry room, put underwear on her, nurse B again until she falls asleep, put her in crib and take a break (in other words, not waking baby up to continue feeding)
6:28 am take dishes and napkins from table to sink and laundry room, turn dryer back on and put the rest of K’s clothes on her.
6:30am get oj for the 2 big girls, take my iron pill, get K a bowl of cereal and start writing the list
6:32 am get washcloth to wipe up spilled milk, and go to the bathroom
6:37 am B wakes back up–so I check on her, but she’s still asleep, go ahead and get myself dressed, deodorant, teeth brushed, hair brushed (this may be my only chance) , pick up towel from the floor in the bathroom and note that I need to mix up some new hand soap, turn off the lights since it is bright outside now, rinse dinner dishes and load dishwasher, clean of glasses from the night before, K spills her orange juice– big surprise, lecture her on not playing with her glass, rinse her washcloth out and clean her up, finish loading the dishwasher, sit on the couch with K.
6:53 am get K cough medicine, get K’s clothes out of the dryer, put B’s into the dryer, tell K to put her medicine cup away.
6:57 fold laundry
7:00 explain that I’m doing chores and suggest using our imagination
7:03 read Noah’s ark from kid’s bible and help her pretend  to have an ark with animals in it
7:04 K sneezes, blow her nose with tissue and wash my hands..
7:06 back to folding, theological discussion with 2 year old.
7:10 wipe up a green boog, finish folding laundry, read another story/
7:20 sneak some breakfast in for me, take recycling out, put some sodas in the fridge
7:28 sit down with pampered chef booklet
7:43 open computer– this pisses K off big time
7:52 bathroom again (may as well check facebook)
8:00 K has had to use the bathroom too, so we’re both done and back in living room, call Matt, he asked about something and wanted me to call, turn on 1 show for K on tv, B makes noise
8:08 B is okay, Laundry out of dryer, decide to do dishes
8:38 show is over and dishes are done, meat loaf out to thaw for dinner (pre made by me a few weeks ago)
8:51 last of clothes folded, cuddle time on couch, do K’s hair, make a daddy do list (for K and daddy to have fun times together)
9:13 to the bathroom again (I swear, really–how much should 1 person go anyway?)
9:23 back to the couch to watch CMT and facebook while K plays
9:42 K wants more food
9:48 wake up B for round 2 of food, diaper, etc.
10:36 finally done with that round, read books to K
10:39 start making lunch
10:50 nothing for me to eat, must scrounge, K is set up with food, cuddle B during crying spell, find lasagna leftovers in freezer and zap those, make K a 2nd sandwich, recycle stuff, put some clothes away
11:06 finally sit to comfort B/attempt to eat lunch
11:07 surprise, K doesn’t want 2nd sandwich (I say ‘what a waste of time’– a LOT these days)
11:09 back to comfort B and eat
11:37 move B to bed
12 K to bed
12:13 me to bed
12:45 B makes noise, up to bathroom to start over again
1:05 B makes serious noise, nurse burp diaper, etc
1:42 she’s down again, order pampered chef, check facebook, plug in dead phone (it’s always dead)
2:16…. silence– lay on couch since I doubt K will stay asleep much longer (Chicago Code it is!)
2:30 Matt’s home, Keeley wakes up… general ‘nothingness’ happening
3:30 Matt goes to doctor for shots to help with poison ivy, so I turn TV on for K and start dinner prep… and that’s where I stopped counting…

Sure is different, isn’t it? I get a lot less done these days. I have to squeeze things into little pockets of time, and even that doesn’t seem long enough… my house sure is a lot messier these days. Sigh. It would help if it didn’t take an hour to nurse the little bugger and then another hour to get her back to sleep, or if she’d just chill out in her bouncy seat for a few minutes instead of having to comfort her every 2 minutes, again, hard to get things done, but that’s why I did my deep cleaning while I was pregnant.

I KNOW she’ll only be a baby once, believe me, I’m relishing in all the little details when it’s happening.


  1. It’s been 12 years since I had a newborn at home and while I miss the little one, I do not miss the sense of frustration when it came to getting anything done! And I didn’t have another older child to deal with at the same time. I applaud your patience and the fact that you get ANYTHING done during the day.

    And yes, it IS possible for one person to have to go to the bathroom that many times a day…

  2. Ok, is it weird that my baby, like Sayre’s is also 12 and I sit here a little jealous of your day? LOL (I however had four other little ones when he was a baby and frequently took on extras…maybe I am crazy?) Kids grow so quickly and we soon forget all the things we had to do to keep going when they were little. I am surrounded by friends who are still making babies so I certainly get my baby fix but I sure miss having one in the house. Your typical days sounds lovely to me! Hugs xox

  3. I just wrote a long comment and when I tried to post it there was an error not sure what I did wrong so trying again.

    Now can I remember what I said before LOL

    I thought I had forgotten all about baby routines but reading this it all came flooding back and that is from over 40 years ago. I guess these mental pictures are stored to be revisited when the memory is jogged!

    I rather enjoyed doing FM again so glad you told me Sayre was organising something this month.

  4. No – unlike Karisma, I am not jealous of your day. I remember having two small ones in the house and it exhausts me and makes me frustrated just reading about it. It is still crazy around here with 3 kids all needing things – but just different crazy. Babies are mentally and physically exhausting. and yet – I do miss the baby smell….so maybe I am a little jealous after all. hahaha

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