There is so much that could be said, and so much that shouldn’t be said. I personally did not watch any coverage. I don’t find it constructive. I find it destructive. To bring up all those sad memories again and again — are we doing this again in 5 more years? In 10? Will it still hurt as much then? Maybe it’s my psychology background, or maybe it’s my self preservation as a new mom (again), but I’m not emotionally ready to deal with all of that at this point. Maybe never.

I’m not the only one that thinks so, apparently a research psychologist that Matt heard on NPR was saying the same thing: skip all the footage, it’s bad for you–I could have told you that.

I know those people are all at peace, and that’s what matters. They’ve been at peace for 10 years, let’s let them be. Let their families mourn, let their friends weep, but let’s not dwell. Remember, yes, but not dwell.


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  1. I agree 100%. We turned the TV on to check weather (there’s a local, weather-only channel), then we plugged in the computer and watched “Spaceballs” on teh TV. No coverage at all! I’m sure we were a lot happier in our dreams last night than a lot of people were.

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