I’m not afraid: 2 weeks postpartum

2 weeks postpartum: Weight– around 155 — this is back to my ‘pre-Christmas’ weight (aka, before Halloween candy, Thanksgiving, and Christmas food)– so around the same time as last year. I love this weight. The shape? Not so much. My arms and legs are thin (chicken like), although, loving the fact that my double chin is receding a bit! My wedding ring fits. I have a ‘waist’ above the saggy (4 surgeries) belly. I have hips, andthey are narrow. My shoulders are still linebacker like. I’d make a great dude if it weren’t for the pesky female parts — by that I mean to say I have the same shape, not that I want to be a man– obviously, wide shoulders and narrow hips are awesome on guys, on girls? not so much!

We’ll see how this all pans out. I had only gained 20 lbs up to the last week or so (after that I couldn’t see the scale), and 9 lbs of it was baby. I lost several pounds of blood due to the surgery and bleeding from all the tearing, I’m still on iron 2x/day in order to try and build my blood back up. Anyway, I don’t think it’s too bad, the photo actually looks worse than I do in the mirror itself, so… just imagine this a little photoshopped, mmk?

This is my blog, and this is me– I’m not afraid to show my body 2 weeks post partum — I survived, and have 2 beautiful girls at home now! Are we done? Who knows?

2 weeks, 3 days postpartum


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Photograph from straight on, and you’ll really like what you see!! I used to be skinny from the side. I’ve learned not to turn sideways anymore, because while I still have a very defined waist, 3 babies later, I’m MUCH deeper through the middle now! Don’t you just love those 9 pound babies?? About half the baby weight was , in fact, baby, and suddenly its’ all gone! And lucky you….I’m sure a lot of the weight is “up top.” Happy for you!!

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    BTW, how is your incision healing up? I didn’t mean to just disappear the week after B was born, but life happened.

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