Knit, chat, dine, whatever

Today I actually felt like once breakfast was over, I had a day ‘off’. No, really! Matt and Keeley went out of town to nephew’s football games. I went to knit club. Note: this is woman’s church group, only a few people knit, the rest gab, it all works out. I took something to do, but didn’t touch it. I shouldn’t have bothered, I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate! I left there at noon, had lunch and attempted to nap, woke up and had some popsicles (don’t judge, no one was there to beg for any, so I ate 2 or 3 of the little ones that Keeley got in the parade last month). Then I decided to start painting. I should have known! Matt and Keeley got home just as I finished up the body on the creature I’m painting! I got ready and went out to dinner with 2 of the ladies of the knit group (pastor and another lady), it was awesome, dinner, chatting, goofing off, just being with other adult women, ones that have had children and understand what it’s like to have a 2 year old that doesn’t always behave and perhaps also be pregnant and need a last hurrah before a newborn comes… yeah. Awesome.

I was gone for nearly 2 hours (Mexican food, yum!) and got home in time to cuddle Keeley a little bit and ship her off to bed (very cranky). While I was at a restaurant, Matt and Keeley went the other direction and had dinner out, too. Then they went to the game store and Wal-Mart.

I guess everyone has had a big day. Football starts today, but we’re blocked by the Rams (again, stupid Rams), and so we have to catch up tomorrow when it replays on NFL network. All in all, it actually feels like I had a day ‘off’. It was really nice.

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  1. Katie S

    Oh, I want a day like this!! But my husband starts a new school year (he’s teaching high school for the first time, yikes!) in a week and has a lot to do, so I know there’s no way I’d be getting him to take our son for a day right now. But, I do get to sneak away all alone during nap time sometimes! So nice to go places alone now and then, especially when there is good food and good company!

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