Baby Update: Week 38

I can’t believe I am saying WEEK 38! Woohoo! 2 weeks to go! Or less.. I guess! Everything seems to be going fine, the doctor said I measured at 39 or 40 weeks (no shock there given I had gained 4 pounds in the 2 weeks prior to this one– I didn’t gain any this week!). She took a peek at my birth plan and had to make one tweak, which I’m okay with, my desire for a VBAC means I have to be monitored continuously, but it can be done wireless, so I can still move around!

We discussed not getting an ultrasound (like the other doc wanted me to) and she said, yeah there really isn’t a point, if you want a VBAC it’s not going to matter the weight anyway. Glad we agree on, well pretty much everything. So glad. I had been worried about ruptured waters, but she said, ‘well I’ve never done it before, so I really doubt I will’ — basically I guess I ran across a bunch of people who had their ruptured by incompetent nincompoops and they were trying to scare people into not having any type of membrane stripping or whatever. She said I’m not far enough along (I’m guessing effaced) for her to do it anyway, so I go back next week. She is pretty confident that I’ll make it to week 39! So hard to believe (and, ouch, another 7 days of sore hips to go!)

We had bags packed and in the car today. No, seriously, we did, just in case. We worked all morning cleaning out the garage (my husband’s idea) and got all of our recycling cleared out (it had been MONTHS on the cardboard– any idea how much cardboard you go through in that amount of time? insane), plus a bunch of trash, got it all swept out and things moved around so that we CAN put a vehicle in there. I was hoping all the moving around would trigger labor, or, false labor, or.. well, yeah, nothing. Apparently, this baby wants to stay in! We ran errands the rest of the morning, got ‘picnic’ for lunch (aka Mexican take out), got ready in time to get to the hospital for my appointment, and back home and hung out outside while my hubby mowed the grass. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, and I plan on taking every single advantage of that, that I can, because the last MONTH has been so hot and dry and humid that I really didn’t go outside much at all. Tonight’s low is around 60! Bonus! We are keeping the air off for the next week and letting the outdoors be spectacular for our electric bill!

Oh, and I love my ‘pretend’ friends on the internet… one of them did up some of my plain onesies/tshirts in tye dye. You really, really won’t believe it. I washed them on hot with towels to make sure all the dye is out of them for good, and, well even my husband was uber impressed and saying.. we HAVE to take this to the hospital! Yeah, we really do. Orange, if you couldn’t guess. Sigh. I will get some pictures in a bit and get them photographed pre-baby! So, so, so, so cute!

So I guess what I’m saying is, hello week 38: now we wait!

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