Minor freak out… aka pregnancy don’t’s

Ate a ham sandwich yesterday… without microwaving the meat. Now I’m half paranoid I’m going to be one of the 100 annually lucky people to randomly get listeria and cause my baby to be severely ill/stillborn. For whatever reason, I thought that the danger passed by the third trimester but apparently not. I’d NEVER eaten meat while pregnant without microwaving, so now I’m just… freaked out.

Here’s the thing, it was pre-packaged meat, still sealed, at someone else’s house. I’m guessing the issue lies more with the transfer of bacteria at a regular deli counter, but still. Argh.


  1. I did … deli meat was not so strictly on the taboo list when I was pregnant – more discouraged for the sodium and other stuff than for listeria.

  2. I was soooo careful when pregnant. Stopped all kinds of things. One day, when Lyssa was about 2 weeks away, I realized that throughout my whole pregnancy, I’d been eating raw cookie dough! Every time I baked (and I baked often, I babysat) I ate the dough! RAW EGGS!!!!!

    I think you’re gonna be fine, really. The prepackaged meat shouldn’t cause you any problems. Really.

  3. It never even occurred to me that microwaving was necessary. I ate pretty much anything that didn’t bother me while I was pregnant and didn’t have any problems with either the pregnancy or the baby. Don’t freak out over stuff you can’t do anything about. If it makes you feel better though, microwave away!

  4. I ate deli meat my whole 1st and 2nd trimesters with my first, till I learned you shouldn’t; then I switched to tuna, till I learned I shouldn’t; then I switched to pb$j, till I learned I shouldn’t… Moral of the story, eat what you like in moderation!

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