Still hanging in…

My doctor gets back on Monday, Matt does his presentation on Tuesday, Wednesday is our next doctor’s appointment. I had some backache earlier today, but it was post couch-snoozing for 10 minutes/laying for half an hour, so I think it was just that. No other signs that labor anything else is imminent. Just trying to get through the days… been busy, marking things off of my to-do list!


  1. Shira W

    Try a prenatal massage. AT 42 and a half weeks, I got frustrated with waiting lol Worked like a charm too.

  2. My son came to me this evening at 10. And said, “I’m going to that wedding tomorrow. Can you help me iron my clothes?”

    I said, “Sure, go get them.”

    And he said, “Well, they’re new. I haven’t washed them yet.”

    He was born two weeks late. And has been running late ever since.

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