Fun Friday: Want some Fuzzi Bunz? ends 8/12 at 5 am CST

This giveaway is for FuzziBunz OS diaper with microfiber inserts!

I’ve had some pretty good (and unusual!) luck in cloth diaper giveaways, so I decided to spread the love to others who may be a little less giveaway fortunate! Our new arrival is slated for 8/24, but his/her big sister arrived 3 weeks early. In hopes that I’d have some good karma from spreading the love, and maybe have a full term baby, I’ve decided to give away brand new cloth diapers until the little one arrives. You’ll get to see some fun pictures, and get a chance to win. Here’s the deal, guys. I’m doing this on my OWN! No sponsorship. I’ll send it USPS and we’ll all cross our fingers that it gets to the winner safe and sound. US RESIDENTS ONLY! I am not being compensated in any way for this giveaway, and the manufacturers have no idea that it’s going on.

So, the story of the fuzzi bunz? You won’t believe it, but I’ll tell you anyway. Sometime last year there was promotion through FuzziBunz that if you asked a question and they published it in their newsletter, you’d get a free diaper. Since I hadn’t used a fuzzibunz before, I figured I’d ask a question, can’t hurt, right? Sure enough, they published it. My question? It was ‘what is your ideal stash of cloth diapers?’. Of course, the answer was ‘all fuzzibunz’.. Lol. I expected ONE diaper to show up. Apparently there was an error in shipping and, well let’s just say that MORE than one showed up, in the form of a large box. Again, I was told to just keep them and spread the love. I have given away several, because someone asked me to donate to someone who had recently lost their home and needed diapers for a baby on the way, but that leaves a few in the box. With my daughter already at almost 2 years of age, I didn’t think I should delve into the box and just use them all, so… this is ONE entry, I want you to read the review I did of FB HEMP diaper (below) and also comment on the colors that you like. I will do my best to match the winner up with a similar color to one I have in the box.


1. Take a minute to read the review above (posted in Dec. 2010) and come back and comment on THIS POST with something you learned, something you like about FuzziBunz, or pretty much anything else you can think of– but that’s not ALL!
2. In the SAME comment, please tell me your favorite colors of FuzziBunz, found here. Tell me several so I can try and match you up to something you like!

**Please be sure to link your website, include your email address, or some other way of contacting you in your comment or the comment contact form. Thank you!

Any subsequent entries I will do my best to delete, but I’m counting on good faith on your part, since I’m giving these away in good faith in turn. To spread the love, since I have no sponsor, if you haven’t already, please consider liking my facebook page at: and follow me on twitter @teamshoemaker — it’s your best chance of hearing about the next giveaway– but you don’t get any extra entries for this, sorry!

Since the only other person involved in this is FB themselves, consider liking them on facebook at: and following them on twitter!/FuzziBunz — again, NO entries for this, but hey, they do giveaways at times, too, so if you’re interested in their diapers, it’s the best way to get news on them!

Thanks for stopping by and spread the word!


  1. I never used cloth – so did not not know you had to wash them multiple times to prep them to full absorbency. good to know – will be sure to tell my nephew. Love love love the kumquat – they are Clemson U. tigers and have a lot of orange in their baby girl’s nursery… same bedding line as someone else I know!! 😉

  2. Shira W

    I’ve never tried an FB diaper (they are a little pricier than I’m willing to shell out, since my little is 18 mo, and over 30 lbs) and I”ve never tried hemp. It’s good to know that it doesn’t absorb as fast as microfiber or cotton, since, I have a little fire hose. I love all their colors, though dark colors are best for us, and my man is a red head so we try to stay away from reds and oranges, sticking with cool colors. The choco truffle one really speaks to me since he really likes to get dirty and his white diaper covers are always a mess. I have become a big fan of pocket diapers, I just think they are too pricey for us.

  3. Melissa

    I just started to CD my son at night only and use Fuzzi Bunz. I have only had them leak once. The one time it leaked I had a hemp insert in. I may have put the hemp insert on top of the microfiber one. Reading your review I may have to try it again with the hemp insert on the bottom. I love all of the colors! I am pregnant with #2 and we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet so I would have to go with Spearmint for my color of choice since I love turquoise for a gender neutral color.

  4. Julie G

    I love that the customer service at FuzziBunz was so good. It is nice to know that if something goes wrong they are willing to help and fix it and quickly at that. From the picture you can really tell how trim that hemp diaper is! That is great! I might have to look into getting a hemp insert if I win this FuzziBunz 🙂
    I love the new Spearmint color. The Apple Green is super cute. Kumquat, and Mint are also nice colors. Thanks for the giveaway! I follow you on GFC and I like FuzziBunz on FB!

  5. That was a really great and informitive review! I enjoyed it’s honesty. I think it is awesome that made such a mistake and were willing to let you keep all that! And it neat that they have such a good repair service. It sounds pretty great, I would love to try one myself on my 6 mo old daughter. The grape, or candy, or mint were pretty colors, but anything girly is good too. Thank for sharing the love! I will post this on my facebook, too.

  6. Karla S.

    I’ve never actually used cloth diapers, since my first isn’t due until December, so I’m learning so much! I didn’t know they need to be pre-washed to increase absorbency, or the different uses for the different types of inserts (hemp vs microfiber). FB looks to have lots of great colors – I like the apple green, crushed berries, and choco turtle.

  7. Nikole H.

    I have the FuzziBunz Hemp diaper and I have also noticed half of the insert becoming completely soaked, while the other half is dry. A friend of mine borrowed the diaper but because her son is a heavy wetter, all at once, it was not a good fit for her. I also use the hemp/microfiber combo at night time and it works amazingly well for us! I use the combo inside of a Happy Hempy with cover, and no complaints. I like your idea of a narrow microfiber insert to combo with the hemp insert in a FuzziBunz — I would buy into those! I could also tell you about a similar great customer service experience I had with them 🙂

    I’m a fan of the Blues and Greens (Spearmint, Tootie Fruitie, Mint) and the Choco Truffle — but I would gladly have any of their colors 🙂

  8. That is so great that the customer service is good! I haven’t tried these diapers yet but I REALLY REALLY want to!!!

    I love the Choco Truffle, the Kumquat, and the Watermelon! Those are the three that I would like in my stash! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway! GOOD luck with your pregnancy!

  9. Patty Mills

    I haven’t tried FB yet but I want to so bad! I didn’t even know they made a hemp diaper! Colors I love: Tootie Frootie, Mac n Cheese and Choco Truffle. I really love ALL their colors but because I have a boy, no girlie colors.

  10. I learned that you have to prep the diapers before using them. This is perfect timing because we’re expecting our first baby girl in 6 weeks and we’re using all Fuzzi Bunz on her! 🙂 And I love all their colors, but I guess my favs right now would be Tootie Frootie and Apple Green.

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