I’ve been schooled, in colors!

I came out, dressed in a blue shirt. My daughter also had on a blue shirt (her favorite, with Dopey on it, AGAIN!). I said, look, you’re wearing blue and I’m wearing blue, we match! The match thing is something we do a lot of: same and different, and so on, plus it will help her figure out other concepts later on, so I figure it’s worth reinforcing, like anything else.. I digress.

She looks at me, looks at her shirt, and thinks for a minute and says, VERY seriously (but not snottily!), no, mom, we don’t match.

I look at her, puzzled. We don’t?

No, she says, you’re wearing LIGHT blue and I’m wearing… (deep thinking, deep thinking) BRIGHT blue, mommy, it doesn’t match.

I sadly had to agree with her that they were not the SAME color, but that there was some light blue on her shirt, so we do still match. Quite frankly, I think it’s kind of awesome that she’s differentiating between the different SHADES of colors, as well as colors themselves! Woo!

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