Fun Friday: Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway Charlie Banana OS (pink only) ends 8/5

Boy or girl? We don't know, so we're giving away a pink diaper, just in case!

I’ve had some pretty good (and unusual!) luck in cloth diaper giveaways, so I decided to spread the love to others who may be a little less giveaway fortunate! Our new arrival is slated for 8/24, but his/her big sister arrived 3 weeks early. In hopes that I’d have some good karma from spreading the love, and maybe have a full term baby, I’ve decided to give away brand new cloth diapers until the little one arrives. You’ll get to see some fun pictures, and get a chance to win. Here’s the deal, guys. I’m doing this on my OWN! No sponsorship. I’ll send it USPS and we’ll all cross our fingers that it gets to the winner safe and sound. US RESIDENTS ONLY!Β  I am not being compensated in any way for this giveaway, and the manufacturers have no idea that it’s going on.

So, the story on the Charlie Banana diaper giveaway is as follows: it’s for a pink diaper only, because it’s what I’ve got. The choices are:

hot pink or bubblegum

Last fall I got this twitter message: “You won the Charlie Banana! Let me know OS or Size and top 3 color, address plz. Thanks! Direct message sent by Dirty Diaper Laundry (@KimRosas) to you (@teamshoemaker) on Oct 26, 5:56 AM.”

I expected one diaper, as that is what the giveaway was for. It took a while for them to ship (they were brand new at the time) and I got them right before we started potty training Keeley. However, you’ll notice I said THEM? THREE SHOWED UP. I contacted Carolyn in PR for Charlie Banana, and she suggested I keep them. Talk about surprised. I liked the print one with butterflies the best, so I tried it out with my daughter. Even if we have a boy, I’ll probably still use it on him from time to time. If it’s a girl, it will be in heavy rotation! This was a fun one to put under skirts or dresses to let the butterflies peek out. It has a front pocket, so if your child tends to poo up the back frequently, it might help you to avoid the mess that sometimes results from a rear pocket! I would say this is a cross between a bum genius and a fuzzi bunz as far as construction goes. It’s pretty trim and has elastic that adjusts in the legs instead of snaps on the front. The fit is great, and absorbency with both inserts is comparable to a lot of my other pocket diapers.

This print is gorgeous!

Getting her to stand still was not easy!

Great fit at the legs


You can do as many things listed below as you like, but they all count as one entry. Any subsequent ones I will do my best to delete, but I’m counting on good faith on your part, since I’m giving these away in good faith in turn. Comment only once, but do as many of these as you like. Oh and be sure to login with google, your blog, or leave your email address in long form so no one can spam you…Got it?

Mandatory entry: The big question: hot pink or bubblegum?–I have to know what to send you, mmk?

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Follow @KimRosas on twitter, or her blog at or on facebook since it was her initial giveaway that netted the extra diaper!
Follow @CharlieBanana on twitterΒ or facebook since it is their product after all!

Please spread the word to your friends! Ends Friday, 8/5/11, 5 am CST.


  1. By the way – this would NOT be for me – it would be for my grand niece – the one you sent me links for to share with her parents-to-be. πŸ˜‰

  2. crystal smith zschokke

    i would LOVE the hot pink. i currently have 2 little girls in cloth and am constantly washing the dipes with not a chance to sun them due to the demand to be used immediately! we gave away a bunch of cloth dipes to a friend who was in great finacial distress and her 2 little girls are getting tons of use out of those dipes now. I miss having those dipes and the convenience having them brought but,I am happier that i was able to help somone even if it meant more frequent wash cycles.

  3. I didn’t have any ultrasounds in the beginning of my last pregnancy so we were going to have a surprise baby. At 36 weeks I measured really far ahead so they made me have one. That’s when we found out we were having identical twin girls. Surprise! Lol

    My girls would love the hot pink diaper πŸ™‚

  4. Elizabeth Thibodeaux

    I love the hot pink. I have three girls. My oldest will be 7 August 11, (a good day to have a baby). My other two are identical twin girls who are two. Diapears are so expensive. We go thru a box and half in one week. I am a stay at home mom since they were born at 32 weeks. I would love to save some money. Right now i have family helping with diapers. My husband was laided off at the end of May from a plant job . He just found work last week , taking a major pay cut. Alot of the goverment assistants programs to not provide diapears only food and insurance. I cant complain beacause i at least get that. A family of five gets expensive and especially when you have two that are same age and having a major growing spurt. Londyn and Marissa would love the hot pink because they would think they were big girls just like there older sister, which in turn might make potty training easier.

  5. Erica Tank

    I like the hot pink! I’ve been wanting to try these dipes so I’d love to win πŸ™‚ following you and dirtydiaperlaundry on facebook πŸ™‚

  6. I would love the hot pink!

    ps I am following you now! Good luck! Check out my blog as well some time; I am starting up reviews and fluffy giveaways in the next few weeks!

  7. Nina H.

    I’m so psyched up for my little sister to have a girl, any pink is SUPER! I think I like the bubblegum best though. Thanks for sharing the love- heading over to fb and twitter now to share my love!

  8. Katie S

    I don’t have a pink diaper yet. I LOVE the Hot Pink!! Both adorable, but I love bright colors. Thanks! Congrats on the new baby coming!

    katiekstewart at gmail dot com

  9. Kristina Coffey

    Bubble gum! I think that name sounds so fun. I hope everything goes well with your delivery! Thanks for the giveaway. I am now a follower

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