Thoughts on a Thursday

Reading:  Anything stuck around the house, I finished the HP book, again, saw the movie, and just don’t know what to read next. Been clearing out magazines, old breastfeeding brochures from last time around I unearthed, freebie parenting magazines, etc. It’s all in a paring down effort.

Relieved by: It’s Sunday night as I’m typing, and it RAINED and cooled down a ton. I’m in my jammies (use your imagination) on the porch, with the laptop. So, the weather is a relief.

Looking forward to: Football, nights with the windows open, breathing easier, my flowers blooming on my porch every day, watching my birds out the window, the little things.

Stressing about: B-A-B-Y. Need I say more?

Craving: Sadly, nothing really. Every once in a while, something sounds good, but it NEVER lives up to the taste I think it should have. Nothing really ‘tastes’ that great.

Wanting: To sleep a good solid 8 hours, then get up and knock off everything on my to-do list. If wishes were horses, right?

Proud of myself for: Getting all my major ‘big cleaning’ jobs accomplished, and keeping the house ‘mess’ to a dull roar since around week 23.

Wearing: Oh wait, okay, you don’t have to use your imagination. I’m wearing a pair of huge underwear, a nursing overnight bra, and since I’m outside, a men’s tshirt to hide my sins. Sexy, right?

Addicted to: facebook, I suppose. Especially scrabble.. anyone?

Avoiding: the thought of time going by so fast!

Suffering from: I’ve got the…I have no idea when my baby’s going to come, is it a boy? a girl? Will labor go smoothly? Am I in for another horrible ride?…. blues.

Struggling with: Fear of another long labor. Seriously.

Excited for: The big day, Keeley’s birthday, Christmas… just about everything, but so tired!

Thinking about: Baby, baby!

Splurging on: Nursing tanks, smaller size cloth diapers, nursing pads, postpartum pads.. you get the gist, right?


  1. I have tons of books to recommend from totally fun/cheesy (The Dead series – what True Blood is based on – but the books are WAY different than the series), totally intense romance/history (Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon), and many more (those are the two that popped into my head this early in the morning!)

  2. Oh – if you liked Harry Potter – try the Septimus Heap books by Angie Sage. They are easy reads and quite fun. The first one is Magyk

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