Miscellaneous Monday: View from the valley

Looking toward the road

In case it isn’t clear to any new readers, or old ones, for that matter, we live in a valley. In the summer, we’re nearly hemmed in on 3 sides by trees. This gap, and a less than desirable, but not bad, view of the neighbors house to the north, is all that we can see in the summer. I think we’re getting some trees planted this fall to shut out the neighbors. Then I won’t feel so bad watering plants in my undergarments. Tee hee.

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    My hydrangeas in front are dying. Part from heat, part from not being in the ground, but a lot from lack of watering. You’re only supposed to water early morning or in the evening, right? Well, I don’t have enough clothes on then. I WISH we had lots of trees so I could water in my undergarments, too!!!!!!! Perhaps I can water yours someday to get a taste of what that’s like? While Matt’s at work, of course!

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