Maturing at an amazing rate

I know saying ‘she’s 2’ as an explanation for everything won’t last for long. A few more months, that’s all. Maybe 3 won’t be so bad, though? I guess we’ll see. I’ll leave you with a Friday funny and hopefully you’ll forgive me for complete randomness the last couple of days.

I’ll preface it with this: I was SO impressed at my kid’s behavior at library time today. Stellar from minute one. She sat quietly and listened to the stories, she colored front and back of her paper and she waited as patiently as possible for a kid as I cut out her teddy bear mask-sorry hon, no scissors. She only wiggled on the floor once (but they WERE talking about swimming, so I overlooked that) during songs, and otherwise acted her age, with no fits thrown.

From last week's 'sensible shoes and outrageous hats' library time

'jammy jamboree' library time teddy bear mask

How mature! I told her HOW proud I was of her, lots of atta girls, etc.

We go to leave and talk about seeing daddy when we get home, and as we slowly meander past the fish tank, which someone conveniently put by the door–I’d like to poke them for that in a not so nice place–she hits it with both hands. I tell her no and talk about the fish and we keep going, and she gets outside and loses her $h!t completely. Throws herself down on the ground, screams no, etc. etc. I quietly threaten her with anything I can think of to get her going, sucker-fish her hand to mine and get her moving. Once we’re in the truck, it’s like it never happened, although I am panting, sweaty, and exhausted. So, now that the scene is set…

(driving in the truck)

Me: do you think your duck (toy) enjoyed it’s ride to town?

K: Yes.

Me: Do you think your duck would like to say thank you for the ride?

K (in a completely low and different voice from her own): thanks for the ride to town mom!

Me: utterly disbelieving silence, followed by a lot of giggles

… even her sense of humor is maturing at an amazing rate

…. and I had her do it later for her dad with her pink puppy, and she did it AGAIN, in a different low voice. Apparently ducks and dogs have different pretend voices.

That’s our story and cuteness for Friday!

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