Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is really popular in November but I decided since I had nothing else in mind for today, and today is almost over (oh the shame) that I’d post what I’m most thankful for right at this moment. Some are totally random, and of course, not all I’m thankful for, but just some blips across my mind at this late hour…

  • My husband is working, full time, and goes in early so he can spend time with the rest of the crew in the afternoon. What a blessing.
  • This week my daughter started saying a short prayer at meal times, we’re up to thanking God for our food and our family and saying Amen. I’ll Amen to that.
  • The nursery is painted, Keeley likes her new room, I now have plenty of diapers for the baby, clothes are in drawers, etc. etc. We’re not 100% ready, but in a pinch, we’d do!
  • I’m glad I said ‘no’ to the P17 shots. They would have only guaranteed me through week 36 and I’m almost there now. Minus 20 painful shots, ehh, I think I come out ahead.
  • Only a month (or less) to go.
  • My stage of pregnancy has finally matched up to my ‘size’ of pregnancy. Whale, yes, but I have enough time in to deserve it, now.
  • Last night Matt and I sat down in the baby’s room and just talked about names. Our favorites have changed. We laughed. We’re still taking half a dozen names to the hospital with us. No, we’re still not telling.
  • I finally got the floors mopped again. They were gross. They should have been done first of July, but at least I still have done it ‘once a month’, and boy have they needed it!
  • Keeley’s learning to drink out of a glass without a lid. She’s chomped the lids to pieces, guess it was about time. (She knew how, but now she’s doing it all the time).
  • We got to see the final Harry Potter movie and I didn’t go into labor. It was shaky there for a while, but we made it through, ha!
  • Looney Tunes, we found them on tv and are introducing our kid to the roadrunner, coyote, bugs and the gang. Priceless.
  • Library time. I don’t get to sit and relax, but Keeley gets to be around other kids ‘close’ to her age. She’s more potty trained than most of them same age or older. Just a side note.
  • Last night, I pulled a rock star mom move and told Keeley she could have ONE more book if she promised not to cry when we left. She’s been doing that as of late. Not a peep out of her. Bliss!
  • A child who makes me laugh, at least a little bit, every day.
  • A fetus who reminds me, at least a little bit, every day, of the wonders my body can do.
  • Scrabble on facebook. Anyone want to play? It keeps my mind active.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Ice and other things that make drinks cool.
  • Our lovely, if disheveled, quiet house. No one bothering us, no one making too much noise. No worries. Well, none outside of normal worries, anyway.
  • Football is just around the corner (and the lockout just got cancelled).
  • Summer clothing, caught on sale for next year, at 50% plus off for the bigger one!
  • Chocolate.
  • A husband who doesn’t care that I buy clothes a year ahead, if I can get a good deal on them. Or, nursing tops, or diapers, as long as they’re useful.
  • Sleep.

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  1. That’s a lot of blessings!

    Did you ever make Keeley an owl for her room? I want to make her something for when the baby comes and I remembered her fondness for owls. I have some great felt in colors that would work with her room.

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