So despite Keeley’s shaky start with water babies (swim classes for under 3, where the parent is in the water), Matt enrolled her in a 2nd round. The very first lesson, she started improving. As long as mommy stays away, for the most part, she has a great time and does whatever dad wants her to do. So typically, I stay home. There are also ‘family swims’, and they have gone a couple of times, either on Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Believe me, I appreciate the quiet. I think there’s one more round of water babies before she turns 3, and then I think Matt plans on enrolling her to see how she does in actually learning to swim with an instructor. I can’t believe it, but she’s not doing anything else but church, it’s not like she’s in 15 things and over-scheduled or anything. Given that we live surrounded by a creek on 3 sides, it’s probably a good thing to have her at least know how to dog paddle, I suppose. That way, if someday it did come down to it, she could get to the bank to get out. Here are some cute photos for your viewing pleasure…

Swim with dad


From wall....

...on our way

...to daddy's arms!

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