Baby update, week 34

I went to the doctor on Wednesday, per usual. Well, first we went and took a tour of the hospital. It doesn’t look any different or feel any different to me than the other one we toured, and my doctor’s practice is in the adjoining building at this one, so we’ve decided just to give birth in the same place again. My parents know where it is, Matthew is VERY familiar with it, etc. I was afraid going into the rooms again would creep me out (when Matt’s friend’s son was born, just going into the room freaked me the freak out)…. so anyway, that’s decided, finally. I filled out my pre-reg online and submitted the cord blood paperwork by mail Thursday. Did I mention we’re donating this baby’s cord blood to the local registry? It’s free, and if anyone (including us) should need it, it will be available to us/them. Awesome. Anyway, doctor’s visit went fine. I had lost 2 lbs last time, well I guess my body decided to make up for that, I gained FOUR pounds in the last 2 weeks. Can you HEAR me cussing, dammit? I try and keep cussing to a minimum, but SERIOUSLY? FOUR? Ugh. Now I’m measuring at 36 weeks instead of ‘right on target’. Harrumph!

Baby’s heart rate was in the 140’s, my BP was at an all time low 116/70, I told my doctor where I wanted to deliver, we discussed the probable pulled muscle in my ribcage. Did I mention that? I had a rotten cold TWICE this summer, I’m guessing I picked up the germs at church/bible school the 2nd time around. I was taking robitusson around the clock, but I ran out and was coughing pretty hard. At first it just felt bad when I coughed, and as of last week, it started hurting when I drove or rode in a car. Nothing I can do about it, I can’t take anything for it, and you can’t stabilize it, so I just have to hope that it heals soon. Anyway, when checking the heart rate this time, the doctor said ‘happy baby’, I have no idea what that meant, just a good steady heart beat I suppose, but she suggested the baby should be around 8 lbs, given the weight I gained this last 2 weeks. Doesn’t make me very happy, the smaller the baby, the greater the chance of success with a VBAC, but I’ll take happy and healthy no matter how I can get it, I suppose.

Other than slowing down a lot (I’m still doing everything I was basically, just a lot slower and more deliberately), I’m feeling fairly fine. I look like I’ve bloated a ton, but what can I say? I’m 8.5 months pregnant, so suck it? Yeah that’s about it! Here’s a terrible mirror shot, my first one, ever, so be kind.

almost 34 weeks!


  1. Love the picture!!!! I’m glad you’re taking pictures of your pregnant self. I shied away from the camera when I was pregnant, and I don’t think there are very many pictures (if any) in existence. I’m sad about that now.

  2. You look so cute!! You’re short waisted.. looks like there’s no place for the baby to grow but OUT.
    You really are adorable.

    I was thinking of you yesterday, I was tying all the little itty bitty garments you sent. You do realize your baby is gonna outgrow those things, right?

    But it’s easily remedied, I can always make you some more.

    Watch for the stuff next week, hopefully.

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