Crafty bits

Wooden 'mask' craft shapes from Michael's $1/piece

Bottom one here was done for K's 2nd birthday pictures

giraffe and lion are leftovers from K's first room(s) croc is new

It’s kind of hard to see, but these are just simple wooden masks from the craft store. They are a nice, inexpensive way to do a nursery, especially if you’re dealing with putting together a kid’s room on a budget. You simply use a little craft paint to jazz it up, and hang it! The line details were done with a paint marker with a fine line, also available at a craft store. At the top, they all have the little plastic hangers for putting them on the peg rack at the store (little round hole in clear plastic), perfect for hanging with a nail! To get the eyes in there, I simply used a small piece of packing tape across the back of the holes, and poked googly eyes through and stuck them to the tape. All in all, the painting doesn’t take very long, and setting them under a ceiling fan to dry makes it a snap. The paints are washable and non toxic, and of course you get the satisfaction of having something bright, and cheerful staring down at you (literally) from your kid’s walls!

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  1. How cute! I love how crafty you are in your decorating for the kids. Z had a “Noah’s Ark” theme to his room – mostly animals. Those masks would have fit right in!

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